John Coltrane's Equinox isn't a tune I'd have played, but it was a song of the month on Sax on the Web, so I did it, with alto and YDS-150 electronic.

### Collaboration
I have never met saxophonist Pete Effamy, but we have collaborated on several compositions. _**Spirit Mountain**_ is the latest:
(Available on [Spotify, Apple/iTunes, Amazon,]( etc.)

This either proves I can't sing or that I can
All instruments except for bass and drums were played on the guitar

Wanna Funk?
First played decades ago, never properly recorded until yesterday. A few adjustments this morning.

"Child's Play"
First album of 2021, 13 songs, most of which were composed and recorded in the past month.
The exception is the title tune, Child's Play, which I wrote around 1973 and recorded then. I rerecorded it last week because I don't have access to the original session which was never finished.

Child's Play redux:
Repost due to mybad!

Child's Play was written in 1993, but this version was recorded yesterday and today. (March 2021)
The verse is in 7/4 time and features the -150 digital sax as well as real alto, soprano and guitar.

12 new songs ready for the trash bin:

on iTunes/Apple, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube Music, etc.

21st Century Pandemic Blues
Was actually written in the 20th century, the words have been changed several times. The very first version had “System V, DOS 4 and Lotus 123”

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