"A Freak" (Afrique)
is everywhere you want to hear it (except cassette). Take a boat trip up the Amazon, or go to Amazon to listen to it.



"Atmosphère? J'ai une gueule d'atmosphère?"

On the other hand, "Flamingo" is relatively simple, but this is an exercise in style, with intentional over the top reverb and echo, hat tip to Earl Bostic, one of the greatest ever sax players. Jazzers, listen for three quotes!



To drag a few innocents in here if you play and/or create Add a group to your instrument(s)

I won't do it again for at least 12 hours, promise!

Hello, I haven't been searching out people to follow here, yet Mastodon is my favorite federated platform. I'm into
(I play all those and ) and when it's good, hence my interest in which one of the best shows ever. Combines great entertainment with a serious look at how it's been in my (long) lifetime.

My music can be heard free at soundcloud.com/randulo/tracks (Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, etc, see profile)