### Collaboration
I have never met saxophonist Pete Effamy, but we have collaborated on several compositions. _**Spirit Mountain**_ is the latest:
(Available on [Spotify, Apple/iTunes, Amazon,](distrokid.com/hyperfollow/pete) etc.)

This either proves I can't sing or that I can
All instruments except for bass and drums were played on the guitar

@Jazzaria would you care to do a real piano solo on this? I might do a newer version in Cm.

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@tchambers By the way, Casey Newton has a great post on his paid newsletter on Platformer. It's one of the few things I pay for.

@tchambers I *think* the podcasts have private perks like advance episodes and bonus but otherwise no change. Else many would want to quit iTunes.
Personally I use Overcast anyway.

"In Search of a New Year"
Written early 2020, "*before what we now know about 2020*. Revised today:


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