This is going to be a great addition to Mautic current templating system for newsletters, can't wait to try it out

Getting ready to introduce Mautic to WomenPreneur Initiative via training this afternoon, Mautic is already installed on their domain and ready to welcome mailing list export from mailchimp.
WPI is about to leave Mailchimp for another piece of in their toolset and I'm really happy to see one more small organization using more open source software in their daily work!

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I feel actual empathy for everyone on call at Twitter right now handling this hack. I also hope this serves as another reason/effort to move away from centralization as it introduces more extreme harm than good. (

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I attended the online meetup of Homebrew Website Club Europe/London (in sleep deprived and hungry) and had a nice evening meeting new people. Also subbed to some cool new blogs for my reader. May check-in again 😀

#hwc #IndieWeb

#hwc #indieweb

Finally, moved from bleeding edge @withknown (composer) to unofficial packages (thanks @mapkyca).
Now I have a functional Known install, mastodon plugin works just fine & other plugins in general that were not fully ready to be used in the new composer "branch" currently in dev.

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