Very interesting read on by Moxie Marlinspike : My first impressions of web3:

Bookmark : Standing on the shoulders of programmers: the power of free and open-source software – Physics World:

Notea - Self-hosted note-taking app stored on S3 (compatible storage):

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@dansup good call!

Though the ethical alternatives are competing for time and attention with the non-ethical ones.

Deceptive patterns then give the non-ethical alternatives the "higher ground", forcing the ethical alternatives to fight an uphill battle.

One way to circumvent that, is to not fight the fight. To position your ethical alt. as something that can be used besides, or on-top-of the non-ethical alt. Instead of being antagonistic to this alt. In language and features.
Just my $0.02.

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Incredible what #foss can do :)

SonoBus - An easy to use application for streaming high-quality, low-latency #p2p #audio between devices over the internet or a local network

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Does anyone have any good resources for running your own Mastodon Instance that I could point people to? I want to encourage people to start their own instances and make more diverse communities, but it's really daunting without some kind of guide/introduction to the whole MastoAdmin thing.

I know about, are there any others out there? ^^


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@mike_hales @Rheall As for hosting, you can host on an old PC, rasPi, or VPS plus they even provide a free subdomain * which takes care of all the DNS issues ... really, really awesome! I host #peertube #mastodon #wp and #nextcloud from an old Core2Duo with 4gb ram:)

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I was
reminded today of the reboot of #indymedia which in light of todays media landscape and corporate narrative, we need more than ever!

The reboot of the indymedia project

We are a wide affinity group working to reboot the global indymedia network using modern federated protocols such as #activitypub.

I wish I could remote star a gitlab project from any instance running gitlab and have all my gitlab/github stars in one place...

The new dashboard is really neat, liking the ability to plug-in notifications from different apps and even external accounts (twitter, mastodon)

Trump Proved That Authoritarians Can Get Elected in America - The next one won't be a failure, without looking at the past failure, there is no way to avoid the next one.:

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