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We can (try to) fix Big Tech or we can fix the internet. Big Tech will either figure it out and survive or it won't. Their products are optional, but we NEED the internet.


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Still love how random spammers will try to get me to post their links on my very good website, or offer to write some thinkpieces for it.

It's a personal blog, chief. The only author is me. Go start your own blog.

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@debian @kde so, long story short. Scratch your own itch was something I thought was a fun statement from hackers such as myself some 25 years ago, but it turns out it is key to transforming entire industries.

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The benefits of indieweb and fediverse : look at the reactions & comment under my post :
this post was syndicated to here :
all social interactions come nicely under it :)

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Consent Manager by PrivacyCloud

Do you miss a frictionless browsing experience, without all the hassle associated to privacy policies and cookie banners? How about saying NO to all tracking or profiling cookies without the pain of manually configuring them for every single website?

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Damn I saw on my mobile an interesting #ActivityPub single user piece of code that I wanted to try but now I can't find it back :/

Lot's and lots of plugins sourced Deprecated warnings on my @withknown blog

Since a few months I'm using @mapkyca Known packages instead of the bleeding edge composer install, not sure why, but with composer I managed to bork my installation to the point of not being able to syndicate to Twitter, Mastodon, hence I went back to Known release, meaning tedious upgrades are back !

Wasn't there a plugin for Known to add some custom JS code to one's blog ?

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Content-addressed storage, convergent encryption, capabilities, linked data, #IFPS: lots of interesting things put together in #openEngiadina, some reminiscent of #GNUnet and Tahoe-LAFS… and all that in #Guile!

Supported by the usual suspects: @NGIZero, #NLNet, & co. 👍

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A couple of months ago @elementary replaced Google Analytics with Plausible Analytics and now another popular Linux distribution has de-Googled too: Zorin OS 🥰👏

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2011 - RollerShort Disco Fever
#Ableton live

One of the last home grown produced Disco tracks I produced with another unknown Belgian artist nicknamed Galaxy.

The plan was to add some nice female voice to it but then it got released on the internet anyway.

#music #disco #electro #house

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@lightone YES! Thank you :)

"Hi! We are building a professional social network. Where you manage your business network. Decentralised, and privacy friendly."

Would be great if #flockingbird indeed were to become the #ActivityPub-based #fediverse alternative to LinkedIn

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