Thanks for sharing @silviamaggi. Been going through something super similar myself.

What made you decide to give Mastodon a try?

@lucas Thank you for reading! It's always good to know others went through similar experiences.

I'm very curious about Mastodon and how it works. I like the philosophy behind it and the fact that you can find truly like-minded people.

I'm still getting the hang of it, but so far so good. One thing I very much appreciate is the different pace: very different from frantic Twitter.

You set the pace, you always have.
It's just that corporate walled-garden survaillance-capitalist social media is designed to be addictive.

@vesperto Exactly, and I don't like being manipulated – nobody does.

Nice article, and compliments for your achivments on this path.

I'm trying something similar these days with non-privacy-friendly products for my personal tech life, while still using them for working related stuff.

As matter of facts this is mi first reply on mastodon! 🙂

@JPax Thank you and congrats on your first reply here!

I understand why for some, deleting their social media accounts is not possible, but separating professional and personal is a good choice.

@silviamaggi Hmmm, yeah... although I haven't had any Facebook or Instagram, I rarely use my Twitter account anymore. Basically the Fediverse (Mastodon, Friendica) replaced Twitter, but I also experience here that this is a major time killer. Always the need to check the timeline.

Sometimes I read Fidonet (still exists) and feel relieved because it is somewhat social, but in a slow sense. Answers can take days or weeks. I also blog from time to time again and it feels better than Social Media.

@ij I can see there is a risk of spending a lot of time here as well. Live news do the same to me, so I decided not to read the online newspapers that feature them. Instead, I read long form articles.

LinkedIn has the same effect on me, too, and it bothers me. I try to stay away, keeping my focus on what I'm doing, and narrow down the sources of distraction.

how do you feel it has affected your offline social life?

@FiXato I don't feel the need to check my phone as frequently as I previously did. That makes me present in the moment.

The fact my attention is not divided between the real life and social networks affects every aspect of my life.

I remember when tweeting about what you were watching was a thing, or maybe it still is? To me, it's still better to take time to process and talk about it the next day.

@silviamaggi thanks for posting, I have been pondering on this for long time. I've already downshifted facebook and use it mostly for events.

How do you compare algorithm-based social media to ones without algorithm (Mastodon)? Or instant messengers (Matrix, IRC, telegram)?

I'd like to think that algorithm-free ones do not try to actively addict you and are "safe" to use. Do you think this is true?

@cos Thank you for reading!

It's a good question. I still don't know well because I joined Mastodon very recently. There is a timeline, so potentially there is room to get lost here too.

Yet, it is different. I don't keep scrolling because a corporation is tapping into my interests and weaknesses to keep me 'engaged'.

I feel Mastodon is slower and that I can dedicate time to it, but don't feel the urge to check it continually.

@silviamaggi I have been here for almost a year, and I feel it's not as addictive as facebook. In algorithm based social media algorithm tries to display you content that you like and react to.

Here it is "neutral" and you see whatever people you follow write, Including the less interesting posts.

This is an interesting article on the topic:

Isn't mastodon (and the fediverse at large) social media?

@silviamaggi feel the same. I quit Using facebook and quit my doomscrolling...not knowingly. It feelt funny, silently.
With the dayli habbit I trapped into a blank screen "you dont loged in" ...oh yes i forgot that i quit FB.
-Killing habbits can make you strong ;)

@silviamaggi this is good, and I appreciate you writing it. Deleting my Meta accounts (Facebook and Instagram) gave me a similar experience. I still use Twitter as my primary social network, and LinkedIn and Mastodon to a lesser extent. I don't feel like I need to get rid of them completely, but I could certainly use them even less and would be better off for it.

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