Following a toot by @ru , @m2m created the RSS feed for my newsletter Design, Digested.

I previously never considered the need to read a newsletter other than in an email client.

I've learned a lot ever since joining Mastodon! And I'm not done yet.

@silviamaggi @ru @m2m I absolutely love RSS feeds because I can easily organize them into categories and go through them when I have the energy verses wading through a pile of spam.

@SbdJazz @dmoonfire @silviamaggi @ru @m2m

Can you recommend any service to read subscribed feeds?
I am aware of some mail services offering a RSS feature, but I'd rather use a service that doesn't require registration of any kind.

@anemeleld @SbdJazz @silviamaggi @ru @m2m If you use Thunderbird, it has a feed reader built-in. Doing a search for "rss reader platform-of-your-choice" might also work.

I use Newsblur because I'm across multiple machines, but that requires registration (free for < 80 sites or something).

@dmoonfire @anemeleld @SbdJazz @silviamaggi @ru I only read feeds on my computer therefore I use my RSS reader of choice. Currently it's Reeder on macOS, but NetNewsWire is free and amazing. If you're asking about online web-based services I know of Miniflux which is pretty good but not my cup of tea.

@m2m @dmoonfire @SbdJazz

Alright, thanks to the two of you!
Hope you'll have an amazing (rest of the) day.

@anemeleld @SbdJazz @dmoonfire @silviamaggi @ru @m2m neix[1] (ncuses client written in rust on desktop), feeder[2] on Android. As for graphical clients, Thunderbird is great, as Silvia said. Most other historical GUI client have been discontinued in recent years.

@dmoonfire @silviamaggi @ru @m2m No better way to curate your reading and interests on the web.

@dmoonfire @silviamaggi @ru @m2m I used to love the old one Google Reader, and then, what was it, Bloglines or something? Hadn't found a good replacement so will try out the suggestions here. Massive thanks!

@silviamaggi @ru and following this successful test, I've done the same for my newsletter, which is still in the final process of disentanglement from Mailchimp:

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