From the archive (2020): How the Instagram navigation became convoluted.

"With the introduction of significant layout changes — the tabs Reel and Shop — the Instagram navigation became convoluted. Let’s briefly explore how."

@silviamaggi Great summary. IG reminds me of how apps get cluttered and filled with junk that comes from corporate needs, not user needs...

@tchambers Thank you Tim! Exactly. Between this article and the decision to delete my account, it became clear to me that behind every choice there was a corporate need.

Attention and time need to be captured somehow, and what bothers me is that interfaces like Instagram's trick people into changing behaviour to stay relevant or keep up to date with their feeds.

@silviamaggi @tchambers Unfortunately decisions made by suits, for suits, is commonplace across all facets of society these days. Very rarely do corporate interests work out well for end users.

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