Not sure if one day I'll tackle a blog post listing everything we lost moving back from the UK to Italy.

Today, I'll just mention something probably trivial: @m2m and I enjoyed very much watching the excellent "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" on Netflix. Once we moved back, the programme disappeared from our account. Now "Roadrunner: A film about Anthony Bourdain" is out on Netflix, but not in Italy.


I'll never understand these decisions. To me, it's a lost opportunity for many to get to know other cultures through food and Bourdain's eyes.

For sure, I'd hate to hear Bourdain's commentary translated and dubbed in Italian - as it's customary, unfortunately.


@silviamaggi is it for licnecing issue (Netflix have rights for uk only ?)
I don't know Bourdain... Not sure if it's on netflix france...
Not sure that a english culinar show would be attractive to french people (or italian ) 😉.

But i'm quite interessed by what you miss from you're move from uk in italy

@oldsysops Licensing must be a big part of this, sure. I suspect a big part is also what marketing thinks is appealing to viewers.

Yet, I still don't get why a company should choose what I can see. It's a matter of principle.

I didn't know Bournain while I still lived in Italy, but I'm grateful to a friend who introduced me to his work.

It's not about the food (he doesn't cook in the series), it's all about discovering cultures through food.

Also, his best friend was Éric Ripert :)

@silviamaggi yes it would be great that Netflix does'nt choose for us what we can see. I'm pretty sure it's for commercial and licencing issue but letting people knowing other culture by their tv show is a good thing

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