I can't be the only one who's not crazy about . I see its useful features, and how fast it can be to do UI with it. Prototypes simple animations also help to present wireframes.

Many designers I recently came into contact, use Figma for all stages of a design project. But I'm uncomfortable with that.

Although it lacks the prototype sharing features, I prefer Sketch. But that's a personal preference.

Neither are good enough for me when starting a project from scratch. In that case, is best.

For some clients, it might be weird to look at a wireframe full of strange shapes, but it's exactly what's needed to focus the attention on the content organisation and on the hints of what the interaction might be.

@silviamaggi I'm a dev who occasionally throws together sketches of designs before implementing. I agree that I like simpler tools for design with.

Interesting enough I use for those kinds of designs. They're simple, don't distract too much with the visuals, and it's a tool I use for other diagrams anyway. I could use Figma or Sketch, but since we already have the design system anyway just focusing on what to show and interactions is helpful.

@silviamaggi I think as a design tool it might be lacking, but it works for me!

@silviamaggi And today Adobe announced that they're acquiring Figma... I don't see adoption going any way but up!

@barrysampson oh wow! But it also means that a lot of people won't be able to access the free account. I don't believe Adobe buys a product to keep it free...

@silviamaggi they do have free tiers where it serves as a gateway to paid products (Premiere Rush and Character Animator being examples). And of course they've just bought the email addresses of everyone with a free Figma account - think of the marketing opportunities 😬 It's just another reminder that anyone relying on a free (as in beer) proprietary tool will come to regret it at some point.

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