Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

Yeah, so Facebook isn't rebranding because we've somehow got them "on the run." They're pivoting their brand into controlling the data flow of all of our future digital social spaces at the hardware level.

It's so valuable to them that they're willing to risk the obscene value and relative power of their existing brand. Don't misunderstand that: They're willing to risk one of the single most powerful and financially valuable brands in the history of human existence for this.

I know it feels great to think, but the idea of anyone having them over a scandal-shaped-barrel is a weird techno-utopian fantasy.

I don't mean to take the wind out folks' sails, but it's so much worse than anything they've done so far, y'all.

The core mistake that Facebook thinks it made is being a data collection layer on top of someone else's hardware. They're actively trying to correct that by leaning into the hardware that supports the future of digital social spaces (including those that exist withing workplaces) and defining the narrative around it to prevent external criticism of their business model.

The ramifications of this are profound, in a way the current narrative doesn't convey.

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Attention! citizens. If you recieved a mail from EU Business Register do not engage. It's . They make you sign up for a yearly fee of almost 1000 €. It is difficult to get out of the contract.

Delete the E-mail.

Being on the right now feels like being one of the first guests at a party: Not relaxed yet, smalltalk here and there, but looking forward to have a good time.

The European Cyclists’ Federation (#Brussels, #Belgium) is looking for an #intern who knows how to use #OpenStreetMap data to research and analyse cycling infrastructure in Europe and produce reports that strengthen ECF’s ability to influence EU policies:

So, I'm on Pixelfed now. Follow me if you like strange human trivialities and introverted perspectives.


It's not much but it's honest work. My new website is here. Next steps: upload projects, create blog, make it look less like a fintech. Enough for today.

Can all community respecting admins please finally block instance? I am tired of seeing Nazi content on a daily basis.

Does your “design thinking” start at the business model or is it bullshit?

If your business model is extractive, exploitative, and otherwise unethical to begin with, you’re not practicing design, you’re practicing decoration: the craft of disguising an otherwise unpalatable product or service to trick people into using (being used by) it.

Last night i dreamed of bulk waste on the street. Right inbetween a box full of refill pencils ranging from 0.1 to 0.9 and a lifetime reserve of refill graphite. Great .

Can you afford to be political as a creative professional?

Guess what. You can not afford NOT to be political. Learn to say no. Learn to say yes. Learn to include morals in your professional decisions.

Furthermore abandon the hierarchies of microauthoritarianism. Work in colelctives.

Dinge, die sich jetzt mal in ihren Lebensabend verabschieden sollten:

- Lockdown
- Die Karriere von Michael Wendler
- WhatsApp
- HartzIV
- Kohlekraftwerke
- mein iPad 2

How many of y'all were bad at math because you lost track of what things stand for?

Idea for teachers: treat math as a language. Discuss math vocabulary with your students. Humans become language capable much before they become capable of understanding math.

I started to learn and I am challenging myself to make kinetic . Here is A. The sound design is meant to mirror the look and feel of the animations. I'm hyped.

Ohne Suffizienz gibt es keine Klimaneutralität — In 30 Jahren soll Deutschland klimaneutral sein. Selbst anspruchsvolle Studien setzen dabei auf unrealistische Lösungen. Um das Klimaziel zu erreichen, müssen wir endlich das Potenzial von Suffizienzstrategien nutzen. — #Klimakrise #Gesellschaft

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