Let's say I wanted to hook up a town with lots of on the Fediverse by creating a server, which platform would you recommend? ? ? ? Another one?

I want to start a server. Please recommend a good platform for a town full of facebook users, primarily 35+ of age.


Pleroma. I can help you get setup. Its faster and easier and lightweight

We'd also recommend #Pleroma.

Has a way to offer the site without JavaScript, if we remember correctly.

Also we are informed that it is able to federate over both both the clearnet and Tor/I2P simultaneously? (#newInternet)

Less of a limit on the number of characters (we prefer a 1500 character limit) (or is this adjustable and a nonfeature?)


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How does the noJavascript plugin (we forgot the name) for Pleroma work alongside #Soapbox, which makes Pleroma nicer to use. @alex

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It's not a plugin, it's a separate Front-end called Bloat. You can use it by logging in to your Pleroma account on Bloat hosted by FreeSpeechExtremists.

Thanks for the refresher!

And here is the source code for #Bloat:

So it allows someone to operate their own non-JS interface of any instance *from their own computer*!? We are really digging this now! :)

For the average privacy-conscious web user who just wants to access your instance, sans JS is there a way to lock Bloat to use one instance only? Ie. No choice of instance?


#Pleroma #nojs #javascript
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@studioYI The boomers will be left wing, or right wing? Do you plan on federating?

@realcaseyrollins I plan on federating. I want the community to be free of right extremists but offer a space for exchange and discourse.

@studioYI Hmmm if they’re boomers #Mastodon might be best, but the backend is inefficient so if you think you’ll get a lot of users, that might become a problem.

If I were you I’d find a way to run a #Pleroma instance with #Mastodon as the default frontend

@realcaseyrollins @studioYI

If you make $url/web the default page, that will make glitch-soc (a mastodon like front-end) your default front-end.
@diogenia @realcaseyrollins @studioYI Unless this has changed recently this won't work. It just renders /web in Palermo-fe. You need to use rewrite rules in nginx to make it default.
Pleroma with the soapbox frontend. it’s like Facebook

You most likely want the Hometown fork of Mastodon. Local only posts, support for Articles, tracks Masto main close enough that federation ability will be determined by their behavior and the moderation policies rather than the software choice

@yaaps @studioYI That's interesting, didn't know of it. But last release is from Aug 14, 2020. Last commit 4 days ago though.

Friendica IMHO, so much more like FB without too many options to confuse things.

@studioYI I have thought about doing a similar thing, so I’m interested in your experience. If you do this, please let us know how it goes!

@studioYI @deutrino I’m a big fan of pleroma at the moment, I just like the UI.

@studioYI Friendica has a UI that's pretty close to Facebook. The only downside is that they currently don't have any apps, though I think I heard they might implement the Mastodon API?

If they want to just microblog, Mastodon or Pleroma are both on pretty even footing.
@sean @studioYI Thank you for the shout-out! On mobile I personally use the “Add to Home Screen” feature and it’s true we’re trying to implement all Mastodon’s API endpoints. We’re also implementing most Twitter API endpoints for Twitter-compatible apps.

@studioYI Friendica is very similar to Facebook so I recommend this one.The others are more like Twitter.

@studioYI The best:… But Hubzilla has tons of options, so one could be overwhelmed at first sight. Friendica is much "lighter", so maybe that's the way to go.
Was my desire and I went with friendica, so far no major regrets, tried diaspora and mastodon first, didn't like them as well. Haven't tried Pleroma don't know how it compares.
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