Attention! citizens. If you recieved a mail from EU Business Register do not engage. It's . They make you sign up for a yearly fee of almost 1000 €. It is difficult to get out of the contract.

Delete the E-mail.

So, I'm on Pixelfed now. Follow me if you like strange human trivialities and introverted perspectives.


I started to learn and I am challenging myself to make kinetic . Here is A. The sound design is meant to mirror the look and feel of the animations. I'm hyped.

What a night. I attempted to open Magisk Manager to check on a module. Crashed my device. No prob, after reboot things should be fine, right? Although crashes are very rare. I never had any. Next thing I know: bootloop into fastboot. Shit. After 6 hours of reflashing stock boot images, repatching, searching for recoveries, unpacking and repacking ROMs, mixing in patches from wiser people to no success, reupdating the current OS, reinstalling, cursing, vomiting: Back to normal.


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