Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Attention! citizens. If you recieved a mail from EU Business Register do not engage. It's . They make you sign up for a yearly fee of almost 1000 €. It is difficult to get out of the contract.

Delete the E-mail.

@nextcloud I started my liberation from big corp somewhere in 2016. First I ran Owncloud and then I found out about Nextcloud. It is the solution of so many problems in one thing. Big love.

Being on the right now feels like being one of the first guests at a party: Not relaxed yet, smalltalk here and there, but looking forward to have a good time.

The European Cyclists’ Federation (#Brussels, #Belgium) is looking for an #intern who knows how to use #OpenStreetMap data to research and analyse cycling infrastructure in Europe and produce reports that strengthen ECF’s ability to influence EU policies:

@obsolete29 It is one of those things that we don't have proof of efectiveness. Even js based obfuscation should't be a problem for sophisticated crawlers, right? Rendering js is trivial. We should assume the worst possible scenario. As long as we can see an e-mail address in the rendered html page we must assume that crawlers see it too, right?

So what is a good mwtgod of hiding a public e-mail address? aare there any best practices?

@sebastian @luebbermann Ja, ne Senseo mit Waschmittel meine ich nicht. Ich meine ein herstellerunabhängiges Design.

@luebbermann Oder wieso haben Waschmaschinen nicht ein Fach für Flüssigwaschmittelflaschen und saugen das Waschmittel selbstständig ein, sodass man nur ab und zu eine neue Flasche einsetzen muss?

So, I'm on Pixelfed now. Follow me if you like strange human trivialities and introverted perspectives.


@obsolete29 It does. Yet chromium feels slicker and more minimalist. I like the profile switching and use it a lot in order to separate websites not just technically but also mentally. I can assign each profile a certain color theme. I like that I can turn websites into web apps and embed them into my os. Again helps me keep things in order mentally. Firefox just doesn't do these things the way i like them. Also I prefer Chromium's dev tools.

@obsolete29 At this point I do not even care anymore. Ungoogled chromium is replacing ff in my routines. I hate being that guy but my relationship to ff is hanging on the single string of belief in diversity. It is the only reason I keep it around. Yes Google is alread too powerful, yes we should all be using ff. But it is not happening. FF reminds me of windows phone. It is in this state where it is still just useful enough to work for a minority of users yet brings nothing new to the table.

It's not much but it's honest work. My new website is here. Next steps: upload projects, create blog, make it look less like a fintech. Enough for today.

@luebbermann Prinzipiell kann mans chon mal sagen, dass die Corona-Impfung nicht völlig neu ist. Genau so wie Viren nicht völlig neu sind. Es gibt Erkenntnisse aus der Vergangenheit. Auch über Langzeitwirkungen. Dazu kommt, dass dieses Mal sehr viele Mittel zur Verfügung standen .

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