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I notice that the web interface is snappier on based browsers compared to . Why is that?

Is slower than snapless installs for selfhosting on small machines?

What are your experiences?

I want to start a server. Please recommend a good platform for a town full of facebook users, primarily 35+ of age.

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I want to start a server. Please recommend a good platform for a town full of facebook users, primarily 35+ of age.

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The only “ethical AI” for personal data is free and open AI that runs on your own devices where you own and control it. The only “ethical AI” for communal data is free and open AI owned and controlled by us all. AI/data owned and controlled by corporations is unethical to begin with.

Let's say I wanted to hook up a town with lots of on the Fediverse by creating a server, which platform would you recommend? ? ? ? Another one?

– Where’s your easy-to-use, plug-and-play, ethical alternative to these toxic trillion-dollar products?

– Thanks for asking. We’ve been paying out of pocket for years to work on it. Fancy giving us a few million to speed it up?

– No.

– How about a few thousand so we don’t starve?

– No.

– So, is it ready yet?

Lain Thought on End-To-End Encryption with AP Characteristics for a New Era | Lainblog


This is extremely niche but if you ever want to play on you pc via cxbx reloaded and your graphics card happens to be AMD, most likely the game won't start.
This is due to AMD drivers and stuff. There is a solution: DXVK. This is a bridge from Direct3D to Vulkan. After horus of troubleahooting this was the only solution. I am running it on a AMD 5700 XT.

Dub Techno is my number one go-to music for work.

After a year with a multicam smartphone as a daily driver i gotta say, despite the convenience of a wide and zoom lens in 90% of the time I end up using the main camera. Would I miss the auxiliary cameras? Maybe twice a year. Ifnthe camera quality of gimmicky aux cams was better, it would probably be a different story. On Android it adds additional hardware that an after market OS like Lineage can only handle in hacky ways. If you wish for an AOSP based ROM, you might end up with dead aux cams.

What a night. I attempted to open Magisk Manager to check on a module. Crashed my device. No prob, after reboot things should be fine, right? Although crashes are very rare. I never had any. Next thing I know: bootloop into fastboot. Shit. After 6 hours of reflashing stock boot images, repatching, searching for recoveries, unpacking and repacking ROMs, mixing in patches from wiser people to no success, reupdating the current OS, reinstalling, cursing, vomiting: Back to normal.


As someone who has switched mobile platforms over the last decade several times between Android and iOS I stick to the following: The iOS experience is too oversimplified and in some points massively lacks logic. It tries to keep technology away from me. Android is much more controllable and intuitive. Heck, I can stick anytging to my home screen: a contact, a shortcut, duplicates of apps etc etc. And elt's not forget widgets. I hate the "Apple is so intuitive" argument. It is not true IMO.

I am excited to help a customer of mine, a local cultural association to migrate their digital infrastructure to a self-run server!

Right now, like many others the rely on GCalendar, Dropbox and other third party services.

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Corona-Warnapp still not working on deGoogled Android devices. Thanks.

From this week on I can say, I do not rely on Apple, Google or any other tech company to manage contacts, mails, calendar, clouds and project management. Everything Everything . Everything on my own hardware.

Chromebooks don't make any sense to me. Can someone explain why a computer bound to proprietary online services of one company is any good?

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