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‪Anyone who thought the coronavirus lockdowns were about authoritarianism and government control should pay close attention to current events. What’s happening in the US right now is what authoritarism actually looks like.‬

@vfrmedia you don't need to run a server to be in the fediverse (I don't). Users with sporadic electricity supply and net access can get more benefit from a Zot server (Hubzilla or Zap) with ChannelCloning and NomadicIdentity, than they can from any of the existing ActivityPub servers. But P2P apps like Scuttlebutt, Briar, or Tox apps, are probably even more suitable for their use case. There are no silver bullets.

@dredmorbius @andrej

Also, this:

"Steve Thomas pointed out that one caveat remains: if you have previously published an old-style Signal fingerprint or QR code and you now publish a new-style Signal safety number or QR code for the same identity key (i.e. without having reinstalled Signal), your phone number could still be discovered by a brute-force search. "


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#ShowerThoughts the (re-)decentralized net is in a similar place to where the internet itself once was. Before TCP/IP emerged as the universally accepted standard, there were a bunch of competing internets, using different protocol sets. A bit like XMPP, Diaspora, Zot, Matrix, ActivityPub, SSB, IPFS, SOLID etc. We don't yet know if the universal glue will be one of these, or something else entirely. It's worth keeping an open mind and learning about the pros and cons of all of them.

fediblock, calling out indivisual edition 

First one is

Here is is someone using the nazi fork of tusky (since tusky did the right thing and blocked nazy, thank you tusky :sparkles_indigo: ).

There is no reason to use this fork, unless you are a nazi with account on an explicitly nazi instance.

#FediNazi #FediBlock

fediblock, nazi enabler version 

Hello friends, after today's dicussion on husky (a tusky fork that started as a way to access, by removing the blocklist in tusky), a few nazis decided to come to my mention. (dont you hate when people find a similar name to a very popular and well moderated space to open their little shit club)


So.... I have to figure out where to publish my article on how the #fediverse isolated #gab

@evelynyap @kev I agree that there is value in a place other than your own to verify the identity, and fulfills that role well.

In my opinion, their cryptographic setup is sound and there are no privacy or security risks even with new owners.

I can agree on not wanting to invest much in Keybase when you're unsure about their future, but I see no reason to now unless you want to point a middle finger to them and Zoom for the acquisition.

I have created this account because I like both and the .

My personal blog / domain is hosted by and you can follow it directly from the Fediverse via @lukas.

Still, I wanted to have a separate Mastodon account but not on the official instance (where I was earlier) because it's a after all.

#GAB CTO: "Truth be told (and this is public) Gab is 99.3% insular..."

So far, so good #IsolateGab cohorts... Keep this going...Gab is strongly leaning to de-Federate themselves...and this would not be so if it were not for efforts like this one.

So do i read this right and #Gab is leaving the #Fediverse and creating some sort of their own silo-isolated to just them protocol? #isolategab

From Gab's CTO:

Work got crazy busy, but wanted to post to just show that still here, and still keeping up the fight to #IsolateGab. With all the craziness in the US this week, more important than ever to show solidarity against hate.

The new channel feature in #Funkwhale is excellent. Simple, clear, and eye-candy :blobhearteyes:
Congratulations to @funkwhale community! 🎤 :ablobdrum:

Gab, may not be accurate, long 

So Gab is thinking about their next move.
They had to use something and forking mastodon was the easiest.
The reason behind it was the urgency to please their backers.
If they delivered nothing, people would ask their money back.

Then we worked hard on deplatforming them.
That mostly worked, but not the way people think about it.
It is the existing racist and biggoted instance that are tipping the balance.

The post I've seen today, is about them being insular.
Yet there is plenty of other instance full of nazi and edge lords full of free speach.
You'd expect they interact, but they don't, lots of the freeze peach instances have one instance blocked and it is

Now, I am sure they are still talking with each other in other internet places, no doubt.
But not on the fedi.

Strategically, made no alliance.
They applied "the uber of nazi fedi", but maybe already were thiking they were that already.

Now if you add the fact that lots of people started blocking gab, and by gab entering the fedi maybe a few more people paid attention to the other questionable instance.

They fought each other, as there was not many other people to argue with.
They simply had no strategy coming in and now they are stuck, with no traction and a divided userbase.


Next milestones on my journey towards complete usage of FOSS software:
1. Fully moved from OneNote to Joplin as notes application. Totally happy with it: synched via WebDAV to my NAS, E2E encrypted and possibility to use markdown for writing notes -> best practice example for a FOSS application #joplinapp :ac_heart:
2. Uninstalled Google Maps from my mobile and replaced it with magic earth. First app using OpenStreetMap which convinced me completely #magicearth #openstreetmap :ac_heart:

Hi friends!

I've been a lifelong lurker in the #foss community. I've always wanted to contribute in some meaningful way, but I don't have too much experience coding outside of the shell. I do have some prior experience in #python and #javascript but my interests are #lisp and #rust.

My career is in information/cybersecurity and I'm a decent technical writer or reviewer.

How can I get started making an impact?

#foss #help #contribute #giveback #thanks

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