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Beyond evil: This month Facebook started to scrape sites that use 'pixel' for all kinds of information. Including personal information about the visitors. People could be identified even without cookies by name or email. This affects also non FB Users.


Seems to be currently live on and Here personal information like name, email and phone number is sent to facebook during registration at airbnb.

•Jack followed the Mastodon Twitter account a month ago
•The Mastodon hashtags were suppressed after a while (big migration from India)
•Now he announces he wants to make a decentralized version of Twitter without referencing Mastodon

🤔 🤔 :thaenkin:

This is my first day here, this is crazily beautiful.I'm in awe. Thanks to @tchambers, Jack's tweet on twitter brought me here

tired: doing my tech support job and telling people to use #chrome instead of #internetexplorer

wired: doing my tech support job and telling people to use #firefox because they will probably do what I suggest and every person using firefox is one fewer person using chrome

WE FIGHT FOR THE USERS! (not #google)

Working hard on #littrme and #fedbox to add private messages on top of client to server #ActivityPub protocol.

#C2S #development

ever think about how like 30% of twitter's community problems are based on full text search of Every Post

Meta, instance blocklist request 

reading about the bluesky lead's theory of social media as expressed by a "we're hiring" statement

To be clear, Twitter is looking to probably off-load the need to handle cenorship and general abuse management to individual people and regions versus having to handle it themselves. That’s one of the bigger things I’m reading from the CTO and Jack so far. (

On a productive note, I've managed to whack out a few features for Beta 2 of Hyperspace v1.1, notably a back button on some pages and temporary cached drafts. I probably won't touch any more, though, or else my team's gonna hate me for producing more PRs they can handle! :welp: #hyperspacedev

Twitter: we are looking into decentralising Twitter.

The Fediverse: ha ha ha BLOCK

The appropriate way to phrase this is: Twitter wants to make a Mastodon-clone. It's only fair.

I'm funding a small, independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers and designers to fix problems that were born at my company on my watch, that I've allowed to fester uninterrupted for a decade as I flapped about ineffectually and am now refusing to take responsibility for or acknowledge anyone else’s efforts to improve, something something scale.

Twitter (5/) 

Twitter (cont.) 


Twitter wants to decentralize because they see how fast Mastodon and other decentralized networks are growing and Jack wants to monetize that.

He doesn't care about a freer, more open internet, he cares about watching Mastodon grow and that he's not making money off it.

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