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Welcome to INDIEWEB.SOCIAL - a home for those who build, study, promote - or are just fascinated by - , , & practices & tech.

Special thanks to @jeannie who is a co-admin here, & who graciously donated the domain name to this effort. Key links:

Our code of conduct & terms of use:

Our mission & some key voices we recommend everyone follow:

Thanks all, & help us get out the word of this new community!

WebSub Thoughts

I'm finally getting the idea of #WebSub (or PubSubHubbub).

This helped a lot:

Shame that there are not many readers (specially foss) out there so I wonder if I should bother with this at all. Didn't like any of this short list (dogfooding and all) 😕

#IndieWeb #WebSub

#Tusky 9 will be the last Version distributed via the Amazon Appstore. In case you use the Amazon Appstore, please switch to F-Droid.

I still view us as an interim-group working to get this off the ground. So we started with the basics. Most of our decisions will be based on the discussions we’ve already held during the meetings and in between about what we want, the ones you’ve joined for.

So we’re starting with a name.

#Florence, as for us it represents the community, and the acronym was just too good to pass up. Florence Loves Open Responsible Ethical Networks for Communicating with Everyone.

We are utilizing all the feedback from previous discussions to make decisions and move things along.

We will still fork Mastodon’s code, and we’re reaching a decision about the details around that in the end of this week.

We've prepared an org on GitHub, where the work will start.

#ForkTogether is dead, long live #Florence

There are some people who pay attention to how balanced a conversation is and, when they notice that someone has not been able to speak as much as they wanted, they give them a chance to talk, even if it derails the conversation.

I always appreciate it and I should be more explicit in my gratitude for them.

Mastodon’s longer toots lead the way here.

"Twitter's doubling the permissible length of a tweet led to less uncivil, more polite, and more constructive discussions."

The only two realistic ways to escape Google’s grasp is to either use Linux and Firefox (and no phone), or to use Apple. I like Linux and all, but I also like stuff that works more or less out of the box, so Apple it is for me for my computers and phone (but Linux on servers).

Try to imagine a world where every advertisement was replaced with art celebrating you as a worker and reminding you of your power and value.

At their core, all ads are telling you that you aren't happy, but you could be if you bought something. The cumulative effect of seeing that all day every day must be devastating, but we've never known anything else

Experimenting with WebSockets this afternoon in hopes of making something similar to Microsoft authentication tbh

Slowly building up an extensive profile on my imaginary friend so I can more effectively ask things for a friend

Folks: are there good places on web, other accounts, or key bloggers to announce this instance. Looking for it to be seen by technologists and activists who care about , and related tech...

Hey Instagram users, did you know you can export your account?

Pixelfed will be rolling out experimental Instagram Import soon!

I was reminded today that we’ve had folks on M.b for over 2 years, and the public launch anniversary is just around the corner. Thanks everyone for your support. I’m in this for the long haul… Looking forward to celebrating many milestones over the next decade.

I wrote about how we, F/LOSS lovers, need to drop toxic 'heroes' and need to either reform or move on from organizations that WON'T help

Talkhead1: Modern Day Feminism is an attack on men.

Response: Not all men


After a week, this has been working flawlessly fo rme. Invisible and with no noticeable performance issues than any other VPN. Likely dumping NordVPN for this.

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