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@tchambers @jeannie what would be a good way to follow users on your instance without the need to make a new account for myself?

@jeannie @tchambers Yeah I know that article. I have my own Mastodon server and I don't like to make an extra account on other instances just to see the local timeline and follow interesting accounts on the specific instance. Since your instance doesn't have a public timeline, I was wondering if there is another good way. I guess not because of privacy/security...

@jeannie @tchambers Since only shows both your accounts but the homepage says there are 11 users. Also on your profile it shows a number of followings but I can't see those. I still don't get that part of federation. It makes it hard(er) to grow your own community of people to follow and interact with in my opinion.

@frank @tchambers Mastodon has a built in requirement that an account has to have a certain number of toots before it will appear in the directory. All of the accounts here are new and have not yet hit the threshold. Give it some time.

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