The Mastodon documentation has been rewritten by @trwnh. It now has a search function and a different design as it's now hosted on GitBooks. Take a look!

If after looking you think a topic worth writing about is missing, tell me what it is!


@Gargron @trwnh Did you like working with Gitbook for this? Was it a robust platform and good experience?

@tchambers @Gargron honestly it was kind of rough in a few spots -- the API method blocks don't have any sort of copy-paste at the moment, there were scroll issues in firefox, and it was overall more memory-intensive than a text editor. but it does make linking to other pages and sections much easier, since you can change a page/section title without breaking all links.

@Gargron @trwnh @tchambers @anna I don't know what happened.... She tooted quite a bit about her #gitbook experience and it was useful.

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