@tchambers this is quite smart, a federated system can never build this feature

@lain @tchambers I was going to have this feature. Privacy settings that affect active actions are easy to implement: add flags to objects so supporting implementations show the right UI, and return a 403 if someone still tries to perform the action that's not allowed.

@grishka @tchambers it's obviously possible to implement locally, but other servers don't have to respect it in any way/

@lain @tchambers isn't, for example, the instance that contains the top-level post the source of ground truth about what does and what doesn't go into the reply thread? But I do see how this could lead to inconsistent states.

@grishka @tchambers no current servers checks if an reply is 'allowed' in any way at the top-level server.
@grishka @lain @tchambers The ground truth is the originating server for the activity. The convo owner server may helpfully facilitate distribution.
@lain @tchambers @grishka In the spec the server only helps with recipients only it can know about. In reality servers are more generous.

@tchambers I consider limiting Twitter anything to zero to be a good idea

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