"Why I still use RSS...I firmly believe the Internet, and what it stood for, peaked with RSS....Having only the content I want to see only be shown when I want to see it with the freedom to jump between readers as I please, all with no ads? For me, no other service comes close to the flexibility, robustness, and overall ease-of-use that RSS offers."

@tchambers I still use RSS, coupled with Google Alerts. It's how I get all my news.

@tchambers seems like there is soo many of us "RSS-ers" :-). Love it too, especially the fact that you have everything in one place and there are no ADS !

Cool! @dammn -- And for right now, Net News Wire is my client app of choice to manage the feeds, including podcast feeds and social feeds.

@tchambers newsboat is my client of choice as console is closer to my heart :-).

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