Something to build to and to create in 2022. Something the , and are all striving for.

@Binkle @tchambers Bold of him to assume I know how the fuck a server works.

@Binkle speaking for me only, it means you really own what is digitally yours and and cannot be removed by some DRM or other agent. And for the second question: if non-digital non-nternet payments interoperate fine, if they do no harm.

@tchambers yeah those are fair enough answers. It's difficult to have a conversation in this space, since DRM and anti-DRM proponents will both take up the mantle of "protecting digital rights" etc. I am pleased that you and I agree on these points though :) preferably?

* no servers
* no private property (only common and personal property)
* universal basic income
* no proof of work, cooperative ownership of stakes
* trusted cooperatives

@tchambers What is the native Internet payment system? And I am also curious with the impact on the users' privacy.

So far, I love hard cash because I can pay anonymously.

@stardust I took that to mean a form of blockchain based crypto currency.

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