OK who can help take Matt Mullenweg up on his offer to bring up to full standards? cc: @humanetech

Not a joke: this is a very real opportunity...

@louisrcouture @tchambers

Indeed they should. #Fediverse here's an opportunity for some #IndieWeb and #ActivityPub progress to the #Tumblr that you may use.

For those who don't know Matt Mullenweg. He's founding developer of #WordPress

(Watch out.. Matt somehow crammed 12 trackers on that page ;)

@humanetech @louisrcouture @tchambers
May I suggest Privacy Badger from the EFF? It does a great job against trackers.

@BobCollins @louisrcouture @tchambers

Indeed. In fact Privacy Badger was the tool that informed me on the tracker count. I use it in conjunction with uBlock Origin and some native Firefox features to get an ad-free web experience.

@lutindiscret @BobCollins @louisrcouture @tchambers

I'd recommend it, but in combination with other blockers (in particular uBlock), as I mentioned above.

Privacy badger is the only one that shows me a clear count of trackers directly in the toolbar and a nice list of those and what it blocks in the dropdown.

@humanetech @lutindiscret @BobCollins

could someone explain why one would need anything beyond uBlock Origin? doesn't it block ads AND trackers efficiently?

@luka @lutindiscret @BobCollins

Yes, perfectly usable all on its own. As said I like the counter that Badger shows me and uBlock doesn't. Badger has a less-cluttered UI that just lists trackers and I can imagine it is easier for people less tech-savvy (though you don't have to tweak anything with it)

@luka @humanetech @lutindiscret @BobCollins at the browser level it does.
If you want other apps with trackers blocked, you need something like Pi-Hole or NextDNS.

@joeldebruijn @luka @lutindiscret @BobCollins

Good point. On awesome-humane-tech I maintain a bunch of this stuff..

Like #Blokada is a nice example of giving you #Android or #iOS wide blocking capabilities for all your apps.

Apps that are usually full of built-in trackers (if you don't get them from @fdroidorg but from #Google Play store). You can use @exodus #Privacy to check that easily:

@humanetech @louisrcouture @tchambers not really surprising... If you see how implements privacy.

Everything hosted in the US, emojis loaded from a third party domain, Google Fonts, Gravatar and so on...

I had to migrate from the aforementioned SaaS service to respect EU law.

@tchambers @humanetech

That would be interesting. Especially if they added federation.

Done :) 

@humanetech @tchambers Thanks. That guide helped me a long way to initially get started, so should be helpful for whoever will indiewebify Tumblr.

@tchambers From everything I've seen tumblr are entirely beyond saving.

@tchambers They're not owned by an indie organisation, so seem to be the opposite of an indieweb. The only changes I've seen since Automattic purchased tumblr was more adverts. There's not been a withdrawal of their infantile content policy, what's to believe they have any other interest than extracting profit from the platform, and how would they extract additional profit by opening up their content to the rest of the Internet?

@wordsmith that makes me sad to hear. anything in particular behind that statement? like i'm not trying to be accusatory, just curious.

@chaosexanima this mostly sums up my sentiments. Basically: look at how and why your Mastodon instance is run, then compare it to how and why tumblr exists.

@wordsmith that's a fair point, and one I actually wrote about from a content moderation perspective recently. In the end Automattic is a for-profit entity, and the incentives there are driven by ads and getting users onto it's platform. I'd argue we're better than Meta-owned platforms... but that's an incredibly low bar. Personally I'd love to port Tumblr over to a federated model built on top of #WordPress.

As for our content moderation policy... I can't say much, but watch out for changes.

@wordsmith regardless: thank you for sharing your thoughts!

@tchambers @humanetech

I'm really interested in integrating Tumblr into open source standards, but I'm having trouble picturing how that would work effectively. Has there been cases of monolithic platforms having an effective integration? Does content flow into Tumblr on a per-blog/inbox basis?

If any web engineers want to collab I'd be delighted to talk! I work at Tumblr and am already thinking about how to do this, but lack experience.

@chaosexanima @tchambers @humanetech Element's acquisition of Gitter and the subsequent integration of Gitter into the Matrix ecosystem is a somewhat analogous case study:

@Skirmisher @tchambers @humanetech yeah, my thoughts are around the idea of a bridge. Tumblr already has a pretty robust public API, it would just need a mapping of Fediverse concepts to Tumblr-specific processes.

@chaosexanima @Skirmisher @tchambers @humanetech 👋

We should chat. Likely very little API interaction needed for many basic indieweb building blocks to be supported.

Side Q: Isn’t Tumblr core switching to WP?

@cdevroe @Skirmisher @tchambers @humanetech Some of the new payment functionality is built on WooCommerce, but Tumblr as a whole not in the short term. We also switched the new beta post editor to Gutenberg, if you want to see how a reskin of that looks!

@chaosexanima @Skirmisher @tchambers @humanetech Where can we collaborate on this? Make a list of things that need support and just start tackling them?

@cdevroe @Skirmisher @tchambers @humanetech I'm planning on joining a Matrix invite sent earlier, but in general this feels like something that may be good for GitHub or similar? The MVP sounds like pure markup, and if we don't open-source our default theme we really should. I'm open to other suggestions, but I'm really hoping to avoid platform overload.

@chaosexanima @Skirmisher @tchambers @humanetech GitHub is fine. I’ll put together a list of building blocks. Some may already be supported by Tumblr.

@cdevroe @Skirmisher @tchambers @humanetech but yeah, basic indieweb looks to just be markup. Likely very doable on the main Tumblr theme, but custom themes unlikely. That'd be like trying to get every single WordPress theme compatible :ms_grimace:

@chaosexanima @Skirmisher @tchambers @humanetech seems like mapping ActivityPub to tumblr would be fairly straightforward, no?

There are users, follow relationships, reblogs, and direct messages. The conceptual architecture is more or less the same, obviously the devil is in the details but in concept there don't seem to be any big stumbling blocks (for an example of an integration refused due to such stumbling blocks, see the proposal to add ActivityPub functionality to Diaspora)

@chaosexanima @Skirmisher @tchambers @humanetech couple tumblr features that might not map well to ActivityPub

* tumblr reblogs show as a reblogging of the person from whom the reblogger reblogged; ActivtyPub reblogs show as a reblogging of the original poster

* there doesn't seem to be any concept of the reblog chain like in tumblr, which is a feature I've used a lot to find cool new folks to follow on there, but isn't vital

@chaosexanima It looks like the attached post is talking about indieweb support, not fediverse support. Adding fediverse support would mean they need to support ActivityPub and have the mapping, like you say. That’s a bigger stretch than adding indieweb support, which at it’s most basic entails using certain CSS class names in the HTML markup. Adding indieweb support to an existing platform with a web presence is ridiculously easy and has a clear implementation path (microformats -> webmentions -> micropub -> microsub?) @tchambers @humanetech

@0x1C3B00DA yep! like using corporate dev speak that feels like the MVP. whether we can/will support a full ActivityPub support is an unknown, but frankly so is the existence of Tumblr as a platform so 🤷‍♀️

@chaosexanima were you interested in adding indieweb or ActivityPub support, or both?

@django I don't know enough about the differences to answer that! From what I read on the w3c activitypub is pretty outdated tho. Is that true?

@chaosexanima ActivityPub is what allows mastodon servers to federate with one another, as well as with other software such as @pixelfed, @peertube, @bookwyrm, etc.

The w3c spec reached CR in 2018, but development continues through extensions via FEPs on and in other discussions

@chaosexanima @humanetech NGL it's pretty damn cool too see someone working on Tumblr researching that topic

@hamefang hah well it's more that i'm nosy and like asking questions like "hey why don't we do X?" at people until answers fall out or they annoy me. like i'm hardly assigned to this role, i'm actually involved in content moderation stuff

@chaosexanima @humanetech

> I'm really interested in integrating Tumblr into open source standards [...] If any web engineers want to collab I'd be delighted to talk!

If you wanna chat, there is a matrix "ActivityPub community" you can join. Tens of people working on AP-related projects and all main projects are discussed there (~20 rooms for mastodon, pixelfed, peertube, mobilizon, lemmy, etc.).


@komish @lutindiscret @chaosexanima @tchambers

It is a Space, the UX of which confuses me like heck, but somewhere in the #Matrix UI you can likely search for it.

@humanetech @lutindiscret @chaosexanima @tchambers yeah, I figured as much. I tried searching but I didn’t quite find one with the exact name. Probably just internal names vs. display names. I’ll play with the link and see if I can sort it out. Thanks!

@humanetech @lutindiscret @chaosexanima @tchambers looks like an encoding issue. If you click through from the iOS app, the # gets encoded and breaks the link. Replacing those back with # fixes it.

@lutindiscret @humanetech @tchambers neat! I want an excuse to play with Matrix, will pop in. Now if they can only get those custom emoji working...

@lutindiscret @chaosexanima @humanetech @tchambers Seems there are more than enough people working on this. So I’ll bow out. If anyone needs any help please let me know!

@cdevroe what do you mean? If you want to help, you can, just join! There are so many projects and things to do.

@lutindiscret I saw a conversation on Twitter about helping Tumblr support indie web. I am willing to help out if needed. But it seems like there are more than enough people (internal Tumblr people as well) to work on it. Of course, if I can lend a hand please reach out!

@chaosexanima @tchambers Just when I deleted my account. 😭

@UlrikeHeiss @tchambers your Tumblr account? Try contacting support, maybe they can help. We don't technically delete anything, but you may have lost your blog URL if someone grabbed it.

@chaosexanima @tchambers Thanks for letting me know. I didn't have any content worth keeping on there. I just used to love the feminist corners of the place.

@UlrikeHeiss @tchambers yeah I didn't get it when it was at its peak, but now that I work with it I've fallen in love.

@chaosexanima @tchambers It used to be a lovely space, but unfortunately many of the accounts I used to follow moved on to other platforms.

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