Agreed, lots to learn from here: “Social media doesn’t need to be a cesspool, if users are empowered to make and enforce rules. MetaFilter is one example of a healthy, self-governing social media community.”

@tchambers part of me wonders if it’s a size thing. Like can there exist one giant community that’s still pleasant to use? I kinda don’t think so. The amount of users seems like it plays into the community health, maybe vitally. Yet even in a case like Reddit, if you steer off of /all and find more niche communities the quality increases dramatically. So maybe it’s not so obvious.

@pseudoramble Yes: certainly, an open question if all of the Metafilter ideas would scale or how.

I do think the Mastodon model, where instances handle the moderation levels CAN scale better than handling it in a centralized way.

But for this instance, am going to look carefully at the Metafilter efforts and see what can apply here... #admin #indiewebsocial

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