Just for fun, I'll show you some spam accounts that apply to join this instance and are rejected when they answer the (recently) mandatory question "why do you want to join?" -- and they do it
extremely badly...

(Their answers are the second line for each)

Since moving this instance to "requires a reason for joining" field in the signup, that has SO helped us prune out spammers.

3 out of 10 are clearly real humans, & we add -- Rest are grifters, spammers, and sales accounts -- and happy to say we are keeping this instance free from them.

Highly recommend ALL admins move to this setting. .

From the screen below we got ten separate requests to join where the reason was just "I want to push escort services to users." Bye.

I immediately thought of is doing now in the real world vs. whatever is talking about doing someday. cc: @Gargron

FYI: to keep the community human and spam-free, I'm being extra careful on screening our requests for new members.

If you remember, we have opened this back up to new members joining the instance, but only by "request an invite" to keep out spammers, etc.

This is just a public note to those who want to join the instance: you are welcome, but add "why do you want to join" to help me separate real users from bad actors.

@kevinmarks @chaosexanima and others look at this:

From Tumblr, May 6th:

"We’ve updated the default Official blog theme to be compatible with 2, which allows blogs using the Official theme to be parsed more easily as part of the ."

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OK who can help take Matt Mullenweg up on his offer to bring up to full standards? cc: @humanetech

Not a joke: this is a very real opportunity...

Super busy day here at his instance. Am 100 percent sure this is the biggest day of new users since the instance launch. In many ways set up the instance as a labor of love for days just like today.
Welcome, all...

These numbers are just from today:

This feels a bit like "Stockholm syndrome" to big, centralized platforms. You don't see similar critiques made about email servers, or podcast aggregators, or other decentralized systems.

In all those cases it comes down to: vet out and choose your servers/instances that are trustworthy and well run.

And as Elon showed today and it isn't only smaller services that can change overnight. And as MySpace, GooglePlus, Apple Ping, Twitter Vine, etc, show, it isn't only smaller services that die.

I feel the same… moving content standards down to each instance/community was as important an innovation as any part of its innovations in distributed social networking….

Hey not bad: our latest numbers for so far...

On this instance, we have 1.73K users making this their fediverse home, publishing 10.4K posts so far.

You all rock.

Something to build to and to create in 2022. Something the , and are all striving for.

BOOM: Just suspended and deleted all posts from another account trying to use this instance for promotion and marketing.

We have a very clear no promotion, no spam policy instance and zero tolerance for clear violations. Just sayin'...

Preemptively done for this instance...

Assuming that Trump will try to decentralize and federate out his content from his new social network that he forked from .

Thank you @thegibson and @isolategab

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