Preemptively done for this instance...

Assuming that Trump will try to decentralize and federate out his content from his new social network that he forked from .

Thank you @thegibson and @isolategab

Had some spammers join this instance and have since permanently suspended them.

If any others show up that I miss - do message me, promise we will be vigilant to keep this instance spam-free.

I agree with this post, and it is a very good argument for the open web for authors and creators.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world…” (found while hiking yesterday)…

Increasingly, post-COVID, weekend cleaning of the house is less like “picking up a bit” and more like Apollo13 crew cleaning out the LEM.

When did Steak-umm's acount get so smart? (This is their first tweet after the returning from the Twitter hack today)....

An idea: @Gargron and other Wouldn't this be served by a stand alone instance just for doctors allowing publicy anonymous posting? Would need some for of verifying doctors into it but could be anonymous to the outside world

As we move into 2020, wanted to say thank you to the community of users here at

An honor to be building this community with you all and learning together.

Good article from @peter from late 2018 on defying silicon valley expectations and framing. Still very true.

"Why Mastodon is defying the 'critical mass'...It’s a mistake to judge the fediverse as though it’s a Valley startup."

First set of "indieweb" specfic emoji for this instance are set: (more to come)

Tim Chambers's choices:


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