Known is an open, publishing / community platform project worth looking at.

It aims to be a simple, beautiful way to share your story using a variety of media from any device. It adheres to the IndieWeb technologies and principles.

@kevinmarks @chaosexanima and others look at this:

From Tumblr, May 6th:

"We’ve updated the default Official blog theme to be compatible with 2, which allows blogs using the Official theme to be parsed more easily as part of the ."

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OK who can help take Matt Mullenweg up on his offer to bring up to full standards? cc: @humanetech

Not a joke: this is a very real opportunity...

@kevinmarks an advocate and who is has an account this instance on TWIG podast and videocast:

@manton posts copy of new book on and here:

"70 short chapters. 400 pages when printed. Interviews. Hundreds of quotes and links. I think it’s a unique look at social networks, blogging platforms, IndieWeb standards, and of course"

Something to build to and to create in 2022. Something the , and are all striving for.

This principles quoted verbatim by Bruce Sterling in 2013, hold up pretty well…and I think apply to a lot of and efforts, too….

Join the discussion via the web, Slack, IRC, Discord, or Matrix clients. Good discussions cross-posted across each:

A great resource for where things and things overlap and build on each other.

A case for the - which I think largely makes the same case for self-hosted instances:

"There is an alternative to corporate bubbles online — it’s called the IndieWeb. Build your own personal websites, control your online presence, and learn on your own terms."

In essence, DHH is advocating for social actions vs. big platforms and I totally agree. And think the could benefit by building itself in this direction.

"Everything from everyone all the time is too much. It's unnatural and it's unhealthy. We weren't built to listen to hundreds if not thousands of people every day.

Tools that let individuals publish, but do not seek to amplify them or force them viral, give us that natural, human scale."

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