I TOTALLY love this literally “handwritten blog.” Literally everything about it.


" wants to be the Operating System for the Web. That OS is missing social features, and it’s not a big leap to add them with existing web protocols. No website owner would have to be a coder, be it home cooking style or professional, to use those social features and create conversations. It would just be there.

If you build WP Themes, if you create Gutenberg blocks, you’re invited to help make this happen."


Now that you mention it, I think my personal site will outlive Twitter too, and definitely Medium, and maybe outlive Facebook.

“I fully expect my personal website to outlive Twitter and as such have decided to take full ownership of the content I’ve posted there. In true fashion, I’m taking ownership of my data.” ✊👏👏👏”. twitter.com/m_ott/status/11736

Have things you keep meaning to do to your personal website but never find the time? Come get work done with others at Create Day next Sunday 7/31. events.indieweb.org/2022/07/in

Just for Indieweb.social instance users:

As I mentioned - we have some new hosting cost increases coming to this instance, so as we are asking for help on our Patreon, but we are also now optimizing the server to lower costs.

As Patreon supporters ramp up, I will also need to optimize the database side: by removing old posts older than X months that have been followed by Indieweb users but NOT interacted with.

Question: how old of posts should we do this for?

Love this:

"Instant gratification and network effects have made social media successful, at the sacrifice of blogs and the Open Web.

I've always been driven by a sense of idealism. I'm optimistic that the movement away from social media is good for the .

Since I scaled back my use of social media a year ago, I blogged more, re-subscribed to many RSS feeds, and grew increasingly interested in the — all small shifts back to the Open Web's roots."


A good post:

"I have been looking into this thing called the Indie Web....the idea that you should own the content you make.

This is an area where Twitter, Facebook, and all those social media sites have to let us down. We make the content but they control it. If Twitter goes away tomorrow, everything I have on Twitter goes too. I will kiss goodbye to many years of relationships, memes, and conversations.

What if things did not have to be this way?"


I think this is true...for the bigger mainstream social nets. Leaving room for ad hoc, smaller networks, and social.

"Social networking as we know it is likely on its way out
Facebook’s morph into a TikTok-like platform could spell the beginning of the end for social networking. "


Known is an open, publishing / community platform project worth looking at.

It aims to be a simple, beautiful way to share your story using a variety of media from any device. It adheres to the IndieWeb technologies and principles.


@kevinmarks @chaosexanima and others look at this:

From Tumblr, May 6th:

"We’ve updated the default Official blog theme to be compatible with 2, which allows blogs using the Official theme to be parsed more easily as part of the ."

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OK who can help take Matt Mullenweg up on his offer to bring up to full standards? cc: @humanetech

Not a joke: this is a very real opportunity...

@kevinmarks an advocate and who is has an account this instance on TWIG podast and videocast: twit.tv/live

@manton posts copy of new book on and here:

"70 short chapters. 400 pages when printed. Interviews. Hundreds of quotes and links. I think it’s a unique look at social networks, blogging platforms, IndieWeb standards, and of course Micro.blog."


Something to build to and to create in 2022. Something the , and are all striving for.

This principles quoted verbatim by Bruce Sterling in 2013, hold up pretty well…and I think apply to a lot of and efforts, too….


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