Question to everyone: I have been very impressed with the voluntary ' server covenant.

Has any other server-based self-hosted open-source platforms done something akin to this?

I'm familiar with other attempts at contributor covenants, but not other server based ones... But hope there are others out there....

So many of these features are already in btw, like bookmarks.

Others seem like an easy lift for future versions... Editing toots is almost already akin to the Undo Tweets feature...

tech and get a shout out 28 minutes in talking about breaking down the social media silos:

Hi folks: is there any effort in the works to make "remote follow" and "remote boost" etc, of posts something less than a 4 click experience?

The more I think about features that would be strategic, the more I think folks should build in features and tools for hyper-local communities to use. Lean in on "instances" intended specifically for networks of a dozen (or at least under 100) friends and family. In essence a replacement for "FB groups."

The certainly do more, but that seems like a strategic opportunity. In essence what Darius Kazemi has been thinking about for a while.

Hi or types: is there a way to create what is functionally a "list" where you can see all the public posts form Instances?

For instance if I wanted to be sure to see all the public posts from an instance like this. It's almost a customized "Federated" view:

has already built so many of these ideas in. Which ones do you think are good ideas and still lacking inside Mastodon or the ?

Wonder if could securely implement GIF reactions like GIPHY into it in a fashion akin to how Signal did...while still supporting privacy....

Interesting to see the users accounts getting pretty close to passing 4 million users.

An idea: @Gargron and other Wouldn't this be served by a stand alone instance just for doctors allowing publicy anonymous posting? Would need some for of verifying doctors into it but could be anonymous to the outside world

Someone really needs to build a web based wizard-like tool helping those who want to and Instagram migrate as much as can be salvaged from their social friends and content over to and .

@Gargron with the situation in and the US would seem that social media access into Iran would be more critical than ever. Do you see local instances being able to circumvent government censorship thus far?

Question folks: is there anything in the works to make remote follow, remote boost, remote likes a far more seamless experience?

Both from a UI experience, but also from a "reduce requirements to credential yourself as often, if at all?

Think that is one of the more confusing part of to users more familiar with centralized social nets.

So In essence it would be a for pay service helping groups of friends or and move somewhere new, distributed and better together. With guaranteed commercial support and all the benefits of - no tracking, local admins, less abuse and better moderation.

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Good article from @peter from late 2018 on defying silicon valley expectations and framing. Still very true.

"Why Mastodon is defying the 'critical mass'...It’s a mistake to judge the fediverse as though it’s a Valley startup."

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