This was the idea of ActivityPub.
You have a Client-to-Server and a Server-to-Server portion.
Different diverse Clients can speak to your 1 server!
It would be wonderful.
See the specifications

But unfortunately mastodon does not support the Client-to-Server part and so they have their own “API” for the server.

And so, while upcoming projects will support it, the situation is as bad as it is …

@bonfire I love the name "Bonfire" - makes me think of Dark Souls, and the security bonfires provide. What was the source of the name?

TypeSense search engine.

An open-source alternative to Algolia and easier to use than ElasticSearch

GPL-3.0 licensed. Looks like a great #foss project!


Quick reminder that if you manage a #Funkwhale pod and are ok with basic stats to be collected, you can submit your pod domain on network.funkwhale.audio/

It's helpful to have an idea of the size of the network, the number of active users, the deployment of new versions, etc.

By doing so, you'll contribute to those dashboards: network.funkwhale.audio/dashbo

You can opt-out at any time, from your pod settings (older stats will be deleted as well if you do).


Launching a new podcast soon, so finding out about this NLnet-funded Fediverse-compatible hosting solution is *great* timing...



We should talk at some point about the ActivityPub lib that @karen has been working for @bonfire starting with whether you're interested in using and collaborating on shared code like that, and what your requirements would be...
See: https://gitlab.com/bonfire-ecosystem/activitypub

Happy to unveil the Bonfire iconography, along with an updated website: bonfirenetworks.org

Dogecoin wasn't stupid enough so they made another one. Unbelievable

Hey all you vorny folks. Ever wonder what's going on at the Gulp Cafe, a #vore themed #ActivityPub server? Check out our public wall! Contact me for questions/info 😊 :boost_ok:


When self-hosting ActivityPub based services would it be possible to have users identities at the main domain (@user@example.com) but have different ActivityPub based platforms used as a front-end for that identity?

So the user could log on at mastodon.example.com, pixelfed.example.com, friendica.example.com, etc, depending on what platform they preferred. But all their posts, followers, following, dms, etc, would follow them to whatever platform they chose.

#askfedi #fediadmin #activitypub

Adopting Slack to discuss "a free and open Internet" is a bit like the convenors of an Alcoholics Anonymous chapter proposing a new tradition of starting meetings with an aperitif.

Where are some places/communities you see CC licenses being used on software? (Other than Stack Overflow, which is the first one I think of.)

(Yes, boosts appreciated!)

My experience with mastodon so far :

Just like the old internet times - free internet, with no companies snopping aroung, censoring things. And people are more friendly <3

Does anyone know of an open source alternative to FlowMapp flowmapp.com ? (a site map and user flow web app)

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