We are almost to 70 accounts on our instance! Very thankful to see the community growing here... Thanks all! indieweb.social/about/more

An updated page showing the various commercial business models that services are using today and some in development: indieweb.org/business-models

One of my main gripes with WT.Social was solved a few days ago.

Me (wt.social/post/wtsocial-featur): Maybe "Post a link" should merge with the "Write something" form and promote that people write their thoughts around the news article. This can be a starter for the discussion in the comments.

Jimmy Wales (wt.social/post/from-wt-social/): One of the main things we saw is that most of us are simply posting links [...] What we ended up doing is pretty obvious once we started testing it: we merged the two [...]

Tusker (my iOS app for Mastodon) is going to need an app icon soon. I can make something crappy to use in the short term, but in the slightly longer term I'd like to commission. someone to make a nice one. So, if you are or know an artist who does app icons and are open for commissions, please let me know!

(boosts appreciated)
@grishka @lain @tchambers The ground truth is the originating server for the activity. The convo owner server may helpfully facilitate distribution.
@lain @tchambers @grishka In the spec the server only helps with recipients only it can know about. In reality servers are more generous.

@kylepiira @kyle @tchambers nice! I’m going to investigate configuring ActivityPub for my website. Currently, I have it connected to account on Micro.blog which then cross posts to this Mastodon account. Having fewer steps (and points of failure) is always a good idea.

You browse, we’ll automatically block:

✅ Third-party trackers
✅ Fingerprinters
✅ Cryptominers

t.co/qcu9N4nQ8s tweeted by @Firefox

RT @Firefox: We choose what we share on social media, but we don’t get to choose what social media platforms share about us with advertiser… tweeted by @mozilla

Ten answers to frequently asked questions about the California Consumer Privacy Act ( #CCPA ) from @eff t.co/jlVJQ8eJc9 tweeted by @mozilla

We're very proud to announce a strategic partnership with the largest hosting provider in Europe: @ionos_com@twitter.com Together we will protect the #DIgitalSovereignty of our users.

Next release of Mastodon will allow admins to post important announcements to their users, and yes, those are reactions


The thing I think is funny about DRM is that media companies spend millions on building it, but at the end of the day it can all be undone by any 12 year old with some screen recording software.

Deleting my #amazon account is like going through hell :blobugh:

I swear they wanted me to give-up and just keep my account open.


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