One request: updating our Instance terms of use. Looking to be human readable, simple, and transparent.

All the things the big silo TOS aren't. Any good examples from other instances?

@Gargron @sean

Almost all of the issues with FB groups were them being closed and private, and poorly moderated without the sunlight of outside eyes.

I could imagine groups that were "semi-private" in that they did not show up in any public feeds of folks but that all the groups could be "browsed" like Twitter or Mastodon lists are publically browseable now.

I think that would be the best of both worlds.

"Remain Calm: the fox is still in the Firefox logo"

I have seen posts getting this wrong even on here.

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @joe Excellent animations plus livestreams of them being made

🌟 @tails - Version of Linux with maximum privacy and anonymity

🌟 @akiraux - Libre UI/UX design tool for Linux, currently alpha testing

🌟 @apertus - Developing open hardware movie cameras and FOSS for filmmakers

🌟 @Minetest & @illunaminetest - FOSS alternative to Minecraft, now much easier to use

🌟 @FreeCAD - Free open CAD software for 3D printing, architecture etc.

📰 Feb. 2021 status: We are turning the monthly CryptPad updates for the internal XWiki newsletter into public blog posts. These will be an opportunity to regularly catch up on new features, research projects, etc

The first one is up on our blog:

I struggle with deep work. I think many of us do. There are so many buzz-buzz happening. Today, I tried to fight back, and work went well! I'm going to try and cultivate this "focus" more.

(This is a note from yesterday, apparently the webmention never came through)


Looks like needs new maintainers!

I hope it doesn't go down like and Maybe I should build one for Pixelfed 🤔

@dansup perhaps there should be some sort of foundation/advocacy group funding/maintaining these projects. Keeping metrics of the whole Social Cloud seems to be one of those trickier aspects.

US Politics 

I'm surprised the hike to a $15 minimum wage being debated in the US Congress is so controversial.

When I was in high school in 1972 I worked at McDonald's for $3.25/hour. In 2021 dollars that's $21/hour.

$15 is the LEAST we should do.

Good news from #Mozilla: “Any time a website, or third-party content embedded in a website, deposits a cookie in your browser, that cookie is confined to the cookie jar assigned to that website, such that it is not allowed to be shared with any other website.”

@dansup good call!

Though the ethical alternatives are competing for time and attention with the non-ethical ones.

Deceptive patterns then give the non-ethical alternatives the "higher ground", forcing the ethical alternatives to fight an uphill battle.

One way to circumvent that, is to not fight the fight. To position your ethical alt. as something that can be used besides, or on-top-of the non-ethical alt. Instead of being antagonistic to this alt. In language and features.
Just my $0.02.

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