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On our #wishlist: Every tab created in mobile and desktop browsers is fully containerized by default. New URLs would open in new tabs and a one-button cleanup would be added. This isolation would simply deny inter-site tracking completely.


#firefox #opera #safari #chrome #mozilla #brave #privacy #browser

Socialhome is pretty sweet, I really like this compose UI 😍 #socialhome

I do not want any kind of face recognition on my phone. Fingerprint is fine. Thanks. ☝️

@Louisa My best effort to make this true is the server covenant, i.e. making sure new people sign up on servers that have no-nazi policies.

Hey, if you were telling your friend about Mastodon, which of its defining characteristics would you mention?

Delighted to see that #DeleteFacebook is becoming a thing once again

I never would have anticipated that @pixelfed would have grown to what it is today.

This shoutout from Cambodia made me tear up, I'm so happy that I can make a difference in the fediverse!

I’ve been skeptical of Spotify’s approach to podcasting and the potential downsides for the open web if more “podcasts” are exclusive to a single platform. But I’m loving the latest season of Startup, where they tell the story of Gimlet being acquired.

"Challenges in the Decentralised Web: The Mastodon Case" (PDF)

Interesting academic paper analyzing the fediverse and how different instances and users are connected to one another. It's cool that the Mastodon API is open enough that researchers can do this kind of work.

I created an easy way to customize a #Tusky build since it was requested by instance admins.
Please have a look and give me feedback.
@jaz @inditoot

"Challenges in the Decentralised Web:The Mastodon Case" (PDF) via @nolan

This is a super neat paper! Which analyses or statistics from it would you like to see in

It's the release you've been waiting for! We're pleased to release the stable version of #Hyperspace 1.0.0 today! Complete with themes, multi account support, search, and more!

You can try Hyperspace online here: or download the apps here:

This release is also available in the Snap Store! (Mac App Store pending)

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