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If you’re new to, we have pins you can earn just for fun and to encourage posting to your blog. There’s a link under Account. Today, unlock a secret pin by mentioning “Halloween” or “pumpkin” anywhere in a microblog post. 🎃

There’s a new update to our photo app Sunlit out with improvements and bug fixes.

#Pixelfed is working with the app and has its dedicated layout.
If you use the instance, that will work very soon.
Also new endpoints are coming and I will be there for implementing them asap.

We’re at the point with where anyone considering rolling their own Hugo blog should probably just use hosting. Backed by editable Hugo themes but with a web front-end, posting from native apps, MarsEdit, etc.

Almost shocked that Twitter is banning political ads. Didn’t think they had the guts to make a single hard decision after accidentally building a platform that manipulates and amplifies the worst parts of society, letting the system run unchecked. They should ban more features.

Reacting to the news that Twitter is banning political ads, I’m announcing today that has also banned political ads. And all ads, period. Massive ad-based social networks are unfixable by design. We can do better.

Hey @Gargron you should announce today that Mastodon will now officially not take any political or politics related ads, nor allow politicians to target users data nor let political actors game algorithms on the platforms.

Seems like Jack is getting some good PR play for that. Could work.

Welcome to Mastodon! Be sure to check out / use the #introductions hashtag to find fellow newcomers!

A while ago I asked my patrons what features they'd like to see in future Mastodon releases. Now, I'd like to ask you, my followers. I'd like to hear what people outside of GitHub think.


Hey everyone, you're fantastic!

Thanks to you sharing my article about Mastodon and Nazis I earned my first money from the Medium partner program.

Thank you again. ❤️

The "Your Undivided Attention Podcast" is always interesting. The last one I listened to had a fascinating discussion and since they publish the transcript, check out the four main things humans need to be fulfilled (my words):

Search for the word "four":

Just as addiction isn't caused by the drug, technology itself is not why people are constantly checking their likes on Facebook and Instagram. It's the missing thing in their lives. Makes sense.

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"Mastodon is now on Bridgy" which is a key tool for cross-posting to various networks. Good work!

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