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So and -- Could there be (or is there already) a utility that helps admins welcome new accounts/users on their instance?

@tcql Ha, nah. We're still gonna be on the fedi. Just gonna build a different tool to interact with it.

@sean In the conversations I've had and looking at the trajectory of various codebases for fediverse platforms, there seems to be specific resistance to creating effective safety options because the people that control them refuse to adequately address the concerns of people who do not look like them.

There seems to be this desperation for usership and forced communication, even if that communication is toxic.

That needs to change.

So I have this short little "cultural guide for Fediverse newcomers"

A big point it makes is that, largely, behavior within a social network is determined by the behavior people bring with them from their other networks.

A lot of folk on the Fediverse come here from Twitter, and import their behavior from Twitter, and then wonder why the Fediverse doesn't work any different than Twitter.

Cause y'all act like it's Twitter. That simple. Act different. You can.

"I went to see a movie, and instead I saw the future" by Jason Fried

The downside of automating everything: no one understands how anything works anymore or can fix it when it breaks down.

Just published this little nugget about drama and online communities, and how the #fediverse is both similar and different to the communities that came before it.

Friend of a Friend: The Facebook That Could Have Been
I’d completely forgotten about FOAF. This article over at Two Bit History explains what it was. Sadly, it’s currently ‘in stasis’, but maybe it can be revived somehow?

The folks over at The History Of The Web turned their attention to the story of the Webbys recently. I’d forgotten how long ago that started. Some of the images from early award ceremonies are… interesting.

@jalcine but curiously leaving out the QRT and only limiting replyability, not visibility. so yay, let’s make this look like we give a shit, but let’s leave all the tools in place to sic abusive ragemobs on people. the shareholders demand engagement.

Went to birdsite, got in an argument without meaning to, reminded why I stay here where goodwill is at least marginally assumed and character limits don't eliminate all nuance

@jalcine more evidence that real "innovation" comes from the public citizenry and the open work we do, and that attempts to capitalize on it and turn it into a for-profit corporation are riding coattails at best

#CloudFlare is now hitting the wayback machine with the same #CAPTCHA as #Tor users, thus censoring history too.

@kyle I don't see many long-form articles cross my timeline but was happy to see this one that @caltlgin boosted. It was a very good read and well written. I always encourage others to take the same steps you have; Google provides *many* services that give real benefit to people and improve their quality of life but, as you said, for one, you're relying on a single entity for so much. Should a server go down or a data breach occur, millions of people slums be adversely affected. That alone should be reason enough not to use all of their services. Taking the privacy concerns into consideration, however, brings the issue to a whole new level, one that I think many people don't fully appreciate.

Friendly reminder to please not crosspost Retweets etc. from Twitter on Mastodon.

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