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5 Good Coronavirus News Sources Listed
I added a new category in the directory for Coronavirus news.

I've listed 5 good news outlets that I have run across over the last week.  Each one is unique and I tried to explain why in the descriptions.

Why the web needs to work for women and girls - "On the World Wide Web’s 31st birthday, our founder and web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee reflects on the challenges we face to deliver on our vision of a web for everyone."

If you know of a great #privacy focused Mastodon profile, please add one comment here with the handle and why they would be a good account for us all to follow.

Maybe we can help boost the viewership of some like-minded accounts by following and engaging en masse.

A new tool called Dangerzone by Micah Lee is out now:

"Take potentially dangerous PDFs, office documents, or images and convert them to a safe PDF."


Noticing Google Analytics being used on a website for open source projects, security blogs / systems or privacy rights organizations...

(Choose all that apply...)

#opensource #google #marketing #privacy #data #infosec #tracking #blog #foss

How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer No Purell? No problem! When disinfecting gel sells out everywhere, you can just make some yourself with stuff you (maybe) already have at home. #wired #news #Gear/HowToandAdvice #coronavirus #how-to #health #Gear #DIY

Dear #MastoMind, has anyone here used QOwnNotes before? What are your thoughts on this Markdown note-taking program?

Hello Mastodons! Have just joined, inspired by @aral Looking forward to growing with Mastodon, and leaving Twitter. I'm a 25-year Web maker, these days building mostly with ClassicPress serving Tibetan exile community and Thai dhamma. All happiness! :)

@Gargron Not that you’re back from the previous European disinfo could we do a quick chat sometime about US 2020 disinfo?

If you could change some ffmpeg settings to make videos on Mastodon look a bit better, what would you change?

Current settings:

People: IOT devices should support a local network only mode so they can be used long term

Phillips: We're ending support for internet connected functionalities with the Hue Bridge v1 on April 20th. Local functionality will still work

Some of our members are developing a #socialmedia app called ReelFriends that aims to connect people in real life, to have quality interactions offline. They aim on bringing together your close circle of friends and family, opposite to the faceless crowd of 'friends' one has on #facebook #instagram and such.

They are in very early stage and looking for #feedback

Can you help them?

#mastodon is just one organism in furtile ground. You might wanna try to include other #ActivityPub species in your fungal synergy, like #pixelfed #peertube and others.

#scuttlebutt is very nice, it is #p2p and they are thinking to support #ActivityPub too.

Also take a look at .. it shows the lay of the land.

On the repository where it is developed you'll find a big watchlist of #fediverse seeds sprouting:

"The internet is no longer a place you go. Who we are on the phone and in the walking world have merged."
- # KatherineMiller

Hello World! This is the official #Mastodon account of the #Libravatar project, a decentral and open source alternative to #Gravatar. You can sign up for free at or set up a Libravatar server for your own email server. This account will inform you about all important updates and provide support. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. This is *not* a Twitter crossposter/bot. #introductions

A new-to-me website with free #fonts:
This one seems to include only fonts with a license that allows editing of the font itself, like SIL Open Font License, GPL, or CC-BY-SA!

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