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Hi Fediverse 👋

no artwork, instead let's #saveOTF today 🙂

The Open Technology Fund: An important non-profit organization acting for global internet freedom. It backs projects like:

- The Tor Project: @torproject
- Delta Chat: @delta
- K-9 Mail: @k9mail
- Briar: @briar
- Tails: @tails
- Open Whisper Systems with @signalapp
- many more 📜

Two days ago, US gov. made worrying changes to the OTF. So we signed this plea and hope you join in:

#ff #SaveInternetFreedom

We're constantly refining our platform as we learn about our users needs and we expect to keep doing so.

Incremental changes like this certainly won't fix the world on their own, but they do make racists angry and uncomfortable, which we consider a win.

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I’ve been using Mastodon for quite a while now—since #DeactiDay, give or take—but have never posted a proper #introduction.

So, I’m a thirtysomething mechanical engineer and lousy guitarist. I work in the semiconductor industry, spend most of my spare time developing for the web, and own quite a few affordable (!) electric guitars, a handful of Raspberry Pis, and a couple hacked together MAME—I know—cabinets. Also, happily married, father of two, wannabe investor.


What I’m saying is, interests include #PHP, the #IndieWeb, #PunkRock, #HomeRecording, #art, and personal finance.

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I don't know how you're involved in but at least you chose to have a great part in decentralization.

The year is 2023 and Twitter has become 3 Mastodon instances in a trenchcoat.

I agree with this: email is a key puzzle piece of the . Very important that we keep it so.

"Email is the rare open platform that works for everyone. But it’s changing. Three companies...control the overwhelming majority of the email universe....If the current trend continues, email could effectively become another in a long list of Google messaging apps. And email users would be held captive by the data-collecting, ad-targeting machines on the other end."

@tchambers No. I had to boot up a laptop I rarely use in order to read the whole article with a "clean" web browser 🤷‍♂️

It's been 2 years since the logo contest!

We received a lot of great entries, it was hard to pick a winner. #pixelfed

I implemented WebMention for my site! Will make a post about this soon. This is a destressing side project because I’ve been stuck for a difficult task at work. Now continue working!

I made a imitation, I use SingleFile browser extension and I also tried Deno just to generate the html and json. Then uploaded to static web site.

I won't publish the link now, because I wonder: is there any infringement for this practice?

I'm in the New York Times today talking about bots and disinformation. And how the Great Bot Scourge is mostly exaggerated and misunderstood.

Day 51 of the #100DaysToOffload Series:

A UI from the past has come back to play. Whether you love or hate Unity, this could be a very interesting distro to try out. I know I'm looking forward to it.

I just saw from @tchambers. Cool instance if you're considering moving your account.

Heads up, my Mastodon social network app Mast is still up for sale (source code, App Store listing, etc) if anyone is interested. Open to offers. It's cross platform, and available on iOS/watchOS/macOS. It has great ratings/reviews, and more. DMs open. ->

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