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Hi there I'm new here. I'm a kind of web development learner. And I'm fascinating with the open source world. That's why I'm here. How are u doing?

We did it, Reddit! The new Pleroma release 2.1 is out, containing the first ever ActivityPub chat application!

Check out the release blog post at

Lots of changes in this one, I'm sure you'll like it!

#Apple made a big announcement about proposed APIs they wouldn't implement because of privacy concerns. But when an issue is reported that allows a users files to be stolen, they want to wait more than a year to release a fix.

Hi @ics I used to be on sonomuu but I reduced my Mastodon instances down to two :)
Are you watching @musicians ? All of us should watch and use it to form an ad hoc group.

My sax adventure is amply represented on

Hello, I haven't been searching out people to follow here, yet Mastodon is my favorite federated platform. I'm into
(I play all those and ) and when it's good, hence my interest in which one of the best shows ever. Combines great entertainment with a serious look at how it's been in my (long) lifetime.

My music can be heard free at (Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, etc, see profile)

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @writefreely & @write_as - FOSS federated blogging platform, part of the Fediverse

🌟 @fsf - Official Fediverse account of the Free Software Foundation

🌟 @Curator - Account recommending art, photography and other creative posts on the Fediverse

🌟 @dosnostalgic - Nostalgic posts about 1980s/1990s DOS games

🌟 @yunohost - Making it as easy as possible to run your own home server

🌟 @libreture - Ecosystem for DRM-free eBooks

Friendica is a free open source federated social network with a Facebook-style interface, and part of the Fediverse. You can follow the official blog at:

➡️ @news

The official site is at

Some good up-to-date instances include and

Installation guide for self-hosting:

The @fedilab app is compatible with Friendica accounts.

#Friendica #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Facebook #Alternatives #FOSS #FLOSS

@lightone YES! Thank you :)

"Hi! We are building a professional social network. Where you manage your business network. Decentralised, and privacy friendly."

Would be great if #flockingbird indeed were to become the #ActivityPub-based #fediverse alternative to LinkedIn

⬡ Hello honoured followers,

it is that time of year where you should add **your proposals**
for the Birds of feather Sessions & Hackathon of #ActivityPub #Conference 2020

You can do so by simply creating a new topic in this category of the official forum

Please tag it #bof or #hackathon


I'm excited to get back to working on #Readlebee so I can share book reviews more easily here... Unfortunately, I'm going to have to finish the actual app before I add #ActivityPub support because I'm still a little hazy on getting the protocol completely working.

I feel like #activitypub might actually have some chance to replace #rss just because of the way it can clearly specify different events such as

- 'pageX was created'
- 'pageY was updated'
- 'i rearranged the index page but none of the pages were actually changed', if necessary

I feel like one of rss' biggest weaknesses is not having these, and one reason we're using mastodon to syndicate isn't even the social aspects,
but just basic category distinctions like 'here's a link, a boost, a reply'

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@dimitrisk I really enjoy what #ActivityPub makes possible and drives forward in that regards, I'm absolutely in awe. :)

"The spread of computers and the internet will put jobs in two categories: people who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do."

-- Marc Andreessen

We just released a javascript / typescript client for lemmy, useful for any app / lemmy site developers:

I've been working on improving the UX of with @pamdrouin and the changes are now live.

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