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Hi @write_as @writefreely @writeas_dev

I recently asked whether you have plans to realign with #gofed #activitypub library (where you're 364 commits behind) and you said you were indeed considering doing so in the future.

This is just a FYI to mention that now also has a #matrix room at:

Had some spammers join this instance and have since permanently suspended them.

If any others show up that I miss - do message me, promise we will be vigilant to keep this instance spam-free.

We successfully tested Direct Messages between Pixelfed and Mastodon!

The Direct Messages feature will be shipping later today! 🎉

#pixelfed #direct

@gustavo22soares The mobile app will be released soon, it depends on features like Direct Messages.

Twitter evolved from IM status messages, i.e. you had a contacts list, and under every contact, you could see what the contact was currently up to. Twitter took that idea and made the statuses persist after you changed them and allowed you to browse them. Now with #fleets... you have a list of your contacts each displaying what the contact is currently up to...

I kinda hate Twitter's new - but I do think it would be good for to suppport Toots that self-delete after a longer set period of time - say about a week or a month or more. Just so your digital footprint is somewhat self-removing once closer followers have digested what's up.

ElectricityMap – Live CO₂ emissions of electricity production and consumption by jka on #HN #HackerNews #top

If you host a website only for yourself, please consider "Referrer-Policy: no-referrer" (or "same-origin").

Because your are the only one using the site, it is very easy to correlate requests to you personally (of course, this could also be done with ip-addresses and dns ptr, but don't make it to easy, ok?).

(Website=anything, including your own masto instance).

Great, for those who thought that all the alt-right pro-nazi #Gab content needed was just a bit more of that Facebook tech culture to make it complete.

📦 Just released: 🌟 Glow 1.2, which features fuzzy filtering. Just press / to find your fave markdowns.

Get the update from your favorite package manager, or download a binary from the releases page:

Windows needs a Microblogging client for the desktop that supports the following:, activitypub, and MicroPub in a single client. I guess would fall technically into that micropub realm, though. I would love to create something like this using one of the languages, like , perhaps. Or #.

Is your open source project still using Slack for its community? Consider:

Mozilla has migrated their chat to Matrix:

Mattermost now offers hosted service with special pricing for OSS projects:

There are probably even more I'm not aware of.

There are good Free options now. Time to get out of the proprietary SaaS lock-in.

I'm excited to share my #apconf2020 talk, "Decentralized Social Media vs the Trolls."

In it, I tell how the #Fediverse, a #decentralized social network, rallied together to isolate an invasive right wing extremist group through codes of conduct, human moderators, and strong moderation tools.

Thanks to @ashfurrow, @emi, @maffsie, @catgirl, @laurelai and all the folks who gave me their time and perspective.

(Hosted on a #peertube instance,!)

Introducing Etebase - An End-to-end Encrypted SDK and Backend

Etebase makes it easy for developers to build end-to-end encrypted applications!

If you know of projects that could benefit from Etebase, please let us (and them) know!

@angdraug @robby Looks very cool. Would love to hear your thoughts once we have up as a proof-of-concept. My eventual goal is that people can get up and running with their own “Facebook” in under 30 seconds (a VPS instance that they own and control at their own domain in a system where they can move it to any other hosting provider with a click or two).

@tchambers Nice to see Karlsruhe using Jitsi! Zoom is the default for "civilians".

Know anyone passionate about defending an open #Internet? Nominations are open for the Internet Society Board of Trustees:

Esteemed Followers,

I forgot if you are more into the federated social web or tinkering on websites, so:
Why not both?

Social CG meeting 16:00 UTC

IndieWebCamp East SAT/SUN

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