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When Public Speaking Goes Wrong - a bunch of helpful tips from @davatron5000 from his career of speaker sweats.

Just mind boggling. Imaging received from Mars!

I’ve always made it a point to get my news directly from the respective sources. I follow them directly with my RSS reader or subscribe and have their app on my iPad. But also,
Facebook pulled news in Australia. Here's why that matters everywhere - CNET

@sl007 @tchambers

DIDs are interesting! Especially because they could also support another thing I think we need: Anonymous Identities.

For whistleblowers and those who live in places without the right of free speech, Anonymous Identities only they can use, and which may be part of a cryptographic signature on a post, are very important.

But, as you said, 'another task'. There are too many incentives towards user lock-in, even in the #SocialCloud and #Fediverse.

@jackwilliambell @tchambers

Yes, but these are “private” repositories.
Here are all:

There is no ActivityPub in the “Network” column yet.
@rhiaro : WANT! ;)

You are right with mastodon, could be the same cause posting as toot does not even require UI changes!
It would be the task of mastodon to quickly communicate with us so that we, the AP implementors could to a did:social or did:AP or whatever …

Loving “Rick Astley (thank you for your inspiration)” ;)

@sl007 @tchambers

Hmm… There's a did:twit method allowing you to use Twitter as the third party to establish identity.

But I can find nothing similar for mastodon. Mind you, the did:twit method spec could be used without change with Mastodon! I wish they had named it did:social or something… 😕

There's also a did:peer method for P2P.



Convincing the mastodon people about Federated Identities (or also the C2S portion = generic servers / diverse clients) is “another task”.
But I'd be happy if you try …


Lemmy is the Fediverse's alternative to Reddit, allowing discussion and link-sharing in a familiar format. It's FOSS and federated, so different communities are hosted on different servers.

✅ You can try out Lemmy on its flagship server at or find out more at

It's currently only federating between Lemmy servers, but it will eventually federate with other Fediverse server types like Mastodon etc.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Reddit #Alternatives

There's one thing I think the #Fediverse is missing: Federated identities.

Let's suppose I have a #Mastodon identity. (I do. I even operate my own Mastodon server so that identity is fully under my control.) But now I want to participate in a different Fediverse activity, say on a Lemmy server – now I have to create a new identity there, one entirely disconnected from my 'main' identity here on Rusted Neuron.

This seems both wasteful and overly complicated from a UI perspective.

Aggregated again some details about what I've been doing in the #go-ap project and it's test applications: #fedbox, the generic #activitypub service, and #littrme, the brutal link aggregator and discussion platform.

Mostly I've been working on creating a sqlite storage for ActivityPub documents. It's not done yet, but the end is in sight.

@Johann150 if you want simple, why not pay someone else to host it for you?

For anyone working on #ActivityPub or #ActivityPubDev/#APdev, how do you handle checking (to process) addressing (to, bto, cc, bcc)?

Handling specific Object IDs or Public addressing is, obv., easy but what about collections?

If the types of collections were limited, that'd be doable but, as far as I understand the spec., any collection technically qualifies.

And you can't (easily) just grab the collection to check if any of your users reside in said collection since it could be paginated.

Small Is Beautiful

Live, this Thursday, Feb 18, 2021, at 5PM UTC. Paul Frazee (Beaker browser) will join us talk about his new decentralised social network project, CTZN.

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech

I don't really understand why people are talking about Clubhouse at all. Has their use case not already been long solved by Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord, Zoom, Skype, Jitsi and so on?

I was reading an article about how social media is addictive ( and it reminded me of a twitter thread from a few weeks ago written by a game designer (

The thread is about the idea of "celebration" in game design, and the visual cues games use to reward you for doing the right thing.

The thought occurred then, that social media does the exact same thing. The most prominent example in my mind is Twitter. When you click the like button, what happens? It plays a splashy, eye-catching animation, the like button turns solid red, and then you see the number of likes roll up.

Twitter's goal is to keep you using the platform and to keep you engaged, because that's how they have eyeballs to put ads in front of and how they guess which ads you'll respond to. And to keep users engaged, they use the exact same tactics as video games to make you _want_ to click Like.

Would liking be anywhere near as satisfying if, instead of having a pretty animation, there was a button with the text "Like" that simply changed to "Liked" when you clicked it? I don't think so
Mastodon is guilty of this too, though to a lesser extent (the web interface, at least). You click the favorite or boost buttons and it spins and changes color. It's a less fancy animation, sure, but it's the same principle.

In Mastodon's case, I can at least be reasonably confident that getting people into an addictive loop isn't the deliberate goal, and it's done out of the desire for a nice design. The same certainly can't be said for Twitter.
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Matrix is an open standard for decentralized real-time communication. The specification is production-ready and bridges to tons of silo products like Slack, Gitter, Telegram, Discord, and even Facebook Messenger. This lets you use Matrix to link together disjoint communities in one place, or create an alternative communication method that works with, but is independent of, communication silos.

You can create your own self-hosted Matrix chat for as little as $3.50 USD…

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