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If I can't delete my facebook I'm just going to nuke every single post I have made on there and then leave it blank, then check the messages occasionally in case any of my relatives contact me

will not be only blockchain-based.

It will primarily be about P2P connectivity over protocols like and and will lead to a significant decrease of Big Tech's market share.

Collecting various ways of hosting my static website at - currently: classic apache webhost, static host, Keybase pub and IPFS.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ~ Anne Lamott

@celia I’ve only ever had a few “actual” such conversations with a handful of people, but I’m really liking it! Reminds me of the days we would leave actual comments underneath other people’s blog posts, except it’s cross-site and thus full of possibilities—longer “blogchains,” etc.! (I mean, okay, almost nobody does this, but who cares? People rather want Facebook? Let them have it! *Personal websites are awesome.*)

Announcement that " @gitea is joining the #Fediverse " is hot trending on Hacker News with mentions of @forgefriends community and all 😃

We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites

Personal websites and email can replace most of what people like about Facebook—namely the urge to post about their lives online.

In other news, 400,000 sound recordings from 1922 and before have become public domain. The Internet Archive has 38,000 of them up, ready to go.

Original tweet :

You get and keep democratic structure in systems by resisting asymmetric power, so handing power to publishers, system designers, committees, and benevolent dictators in the present computing environment is a bad idea

And the practical details of resistance, why collectivism and community knowledge aren't in scope for most people thinking about these issues, is damning evidence of internalized settler-colonialism

@skyfaller Oh yeah, that's not happening lol. I've been looking into the space for the past couple months and already came to the conclusion. (

Thanks for sharing the article! I'll give it a read.

@matt @write_as Whatever you do, please don't involve cryptocurrency, DAOs etc. There's no shortcut to community. Adding tech that nobody really understands (and that is loathed by many) will not make it any easier to organize.

This post made some good points, including "Inscribing governance in code doesn’t resolve real-world conflicts over competing values" -

I’m thinking about ways to give @write_as customers ownership in the platform. I think something like a customer co-op model would really solidify the idea that we’re aligning incentives between platform and users.

Not sure where to start with that, though.

"A Unified Theory of Web Performance" by @slightlyoff

"No silver bullets, only complex tradeoffs" is a good maxim to always try to remember.

Remember to give yourself some free time and space when you can. It's good for the soul. Also remember that there are people who enable you that free time, and repay the gift in kind. It's good for everyone's soul.

In other words, parenting is hard.

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