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"Create a 'Share To Mastodon' Button for WordPress" by Terence Eden

Someday desktop browsers will support the Web Share API (, and we won't have to worry about this. But this is a nice workaround in the meantime.

Yeah, let’s change this: “So Much for Cutting Out the Middleman…Instead of getting rid of intermediaries, the internet created entirely new ones.”

Google trying to get people to engage with Google Chat by sending emails about missed messages on Google Hangouts in October 2020 🙄🤔

When I joined mastodon, I had trouble finding people to follow in the #contemporaryart field. For anybody in the same situation, let me point you at a few for #followfriday #ff:


@protocol, alt. @fragmentscenario











VERY IMPORTANT ADMIN NOTE: you have seen me post about spam account enforcement and removal.

Am doing a temporary admin process where I am FOR A SHORT TIME halting new registrations for this instance while we do a clean up of any "problem children" accounts.

Appreciate everyone's patience but this is what we do here to keep a clean, safe, well-run instance.

cc: @mastohost

For example, Google and Apple kicked the worst location data brokers out of their platform - but left dozens of nearly equally terrible ones to ply their trade:

Apple argues that preventing its users from choosing rival app stores is just a manifestation of the company's sense of duty and commitment to caring for its users. But Apple, like all other tech giants, has conflicting priorities here.


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The retail margin on audiobooks is 20%, which means that a competing audiobook store on Apple's platform loses money on every sale (that's why indie alternatives to Apple/Amazon all make you buy your books using a browser).

But even if you take Apple at its word and stipulate that Apple wants to protect its customers (which it often does!), the company has made it clear that it shouldn't have the last word on this.


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According to, there's now more than 100 GoToSocial servers out in the wild. That's nuts!

Hey everyone, just wanted to say a quick thank you: in just the couple of days our new fediverse-enabled Owncast instance has been up, we’ve had over 70 followers. (We didn’t really push it but the mailing list we had reached only 60 folks the whole time it was in existence.)

So fediverse for the win! :)

PS. Don’t forget Small Is Beautiful is live with special guest Gabe Kangas from Owncast at 5PM Irish time (UTC+1) today.

#owncast #federation #SmallIsBeautiful

Just out of curiosity: does anyone know about projects which implement #ActivityPub, but that are not necessarily about social networking and content creation (in the style of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc)? I know about #Gancio and #Mobilizon (which are both about scheduling events) and I've heard that some #Gitea experimentations are being conducted. Is there something else that I've missed? Please let me know! #Fediverse

@fedi #TIL that #owncast supports #activityPub and is on the #fediverse!

It would be nice to have an owncast hosting service where people can simply create an account like on twitch and get their own subdomain + owncast instance.
Maybe #owncastManager or something? Does it exist?

Step 1: Watch Tech Monopolies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Step 2: Use EFF's Action Center to contact your representatives about the Open App Markets Act:

Step 3: Use to write to your reps about the "American Choice and Innovation Online Act".

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