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“Russia is quietly ramping up its Internet censorship machine….Russia has been pushing away from the global Internet at a rapid pace.”

The thing I really like about the fediverse is that it gives people a lot of tools and options to curate their own timeline, with filters, mutes, hiding boosts, etc. There is no algorithm on fedi that's trying to suck you in and keep you addicted to the platform, everything you see on your timeline is in chronological order.

I like your ideas @koherecoWatchdog

What about an #activityPub powered disqus? Not sure what exactly that would look like, but maybe every page could get an "account" which could just be pagehash_b64@server.test? Commenting could be done in an embed or directly on mastodon 🤔

Or it could be a mastodon server with a single account, which toots the page to be commented on. The toot is created when a page with an embedded comment form is opened.

@tchambers @atomicpoet Someone was shocked when I told them I’ve never had a Facebook acct. They asked how on earth do I find out about local events when all events are on FB? …<crickets>… because I’m probably only being made aware of a small fraction of local events that are big enough to spill into the free-world portion of the net or to be talked about by the FB pawns I know.

Freedom starts with #GPL, but what else would you require from a program if there was a software counterpart to #FSF's "Respects Your Freedom" hardware certification? No tracking? No dark patterns? No telemetry?

Nuclear now has more followers on Mastodon than on Twitter... I don't know what to attribute this success to, but the Fediverse sure is friendlier and more free software-oriented

✨ Less clutter, more options

We refactored the post menu in our app based on your feedback!

Community consensus is crucial to our decision making process, keep the comments coming! #pixelfedApp

if we ever did meet aliens, i bet it would just get awkward after a while. ever try making friends when you're over 30?

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For people that are not aware. Fedilab uses its own translation api with
Though there is no tracking, the api will never receive sensitive data (mentions, tags, URLs, etc.) everything is obfuscated before.
For translating a message, just click on three horizontal dots at the bottom right and then "translate" (first option in menu).

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Listen to some music. Make sure it's something you really like.

This benevolent dictatorship model only works so long as the dictator is both perfectly benevolent and perfectly competent. We know the dictators aren't always benevolent. Apple won't invade your privacy to sell you things, but they'll take away ever Chinese user's privacy to retain their ability to manufacture devices in China:


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