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@dajb Just saw a #Github notification which reminded me of #FitTrackee intending to add #ActivityPub support. It is an old issue, but impl is coming close now with prerequisites mostly done.

Maintainer is on the fedi as well at @SamR1

4 Best Mastodon clients for Android (from my perspective)

1. #Tusky
𝗣𝗿𝗼: Responsive - Easy to understand and easy to navigate - Always update new Mastodon' features
𝗖𝗼𝗻: None

2. #Mastodon Official App
𝗣𝗿𝗼: Responsive - Simple - Elegant
𝗖𝗼𝗻: Load media is a litle more slowly than Tusky

3. #Fedilab
𝗣𝗿𝗼: Feature-rich
𝗖𝗼𝗻: Cramped UI

4. #tooot
𝗣𝗿𝗼: Simple - Intuitive
𝗖𝗼𝗻: Unbalanced UI

Love #Figma? Now that it has been acquired by #Adobe their future might just go the same direction as Macromedia Fireworks, which according to the top HN commenter was:

"a calculated decision to kill an innovative product because it threatened the profits of their cash cows"

Luckily there's something much nicer than Figma. More promising: A true #FOSS alternative for #UX design.

Of course this is @penpot

Give it a spin. Join the community.

Since moving this instance to "requires a reason for joining" field in the signup, that has SO helped us prune out spammers.

3 out of 10 are clearly real humans, & we add -- Rest are grifters, spammers, and sales accounts -- and happy to say we are keeping this instance free from them.

Highly recommend ALL admins move to this setting. .

From the screen below we got ten separate requests to join where the reason was just "I want to push escort services to users." Bye.

ATTN fedizens,

The #SocialHub is dedicated to providing help to app developers, discuss refinements + additions to #ActivityPub and #ActivityStream open standards, find best-practices to improve #interoperability between apps.

➡️ @activitypub SocialHub dedicates to improving the #Fediverse.

Like all organization in our grassroots environment, people must step up to keep #community vibrant and useful. Fedi health and future is at stake.

A #poll on SocialHub's future..

“Technology is not just ripping apart the social fabric, it’s replacing our social fabric with something much more brittle.”

Good: very important not to trade one silo for another: “Linux Foundation…to form the OpenWallet Foundation, developing open-source interoperability for digital wallets by Okta, Accenture, and more.”

Passwords are an essential part of our everyday digital lives. We use them to protect our accounts, our devices and our secrets. Learn more about them here:

@codeberg @humanetech has a wonderful project called #delightful lists.

It's basically a framework for high-quality, community-maintained collections of open source gems around specific themes/ideas. It helps promote some of the excellent open source projects that may not get the attention they deserve, and it helps users easily connect to more open and ethical tools and alternatives to the proprietary software they use day-to-day.

Most delightful lists are maintained on #Codeberg. I maintain and contribute to a delightful list of creative software on my Codeberg account here:

Def worth a shoutout. :)

Building my story for the Netherlands Word Camp next week. Adding IndieWeb principles to themes and blocks will turn over a third of the web into the open social web.

You can hide your follows and follower lists on Mastodon if you want to.

Log in through the website, go to Edit Profile > Hide Your Social Graph, tick the box and click Save Changes.

You will still be able to see these lists when you're logged in, but other people will see a message saying "This data isn't available".

#Mastodon #Privacy

@tdarb I still think that is required reading for proper web design.

After two weeks of banging my head against the documentation for #Hugo, I'm trying a soft launch of this new version of my site. Very excited!

Any suggestions on an alternative to #Cloudflare for an #indieweb project?

I'm running a little thing that's hosted on home internet and we put CF in front of it for caching and security. Looking to move to something with better politics but not sure what that is for this use-case.

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