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devs of bloated software should have to make a pilgrimage to bangladesh and inhale the fumes of the e-waste burn pits to understand the carbon footprint of their bloaty software causing people to buy new computers.

Just bought a bundle of unspeakable content in aid of Palestine. Couldn't find any way to do same through the App Store.

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Self-Repair Manifesto
Let's take back our right to repair! Help us get this manifesto posted in every workshop, hacker space, and garage in the world!

Every generation inherits a bad influence from the previous one. Mine got over-consumption of resources and social media is probably our mistake to the next one.

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I just discovered this show from the 80s called “the secret life of machines” and it’s absolutely marvelous. I highly recommend anyone here go watch it. The person who made it has now uploaded many of the old episodes and added a updated addendum at the end.

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Personal sites are like digital gardens with their own flora and fauna, tended with love and care, ever-growing and lush. These places usually have bridges to other gardens that have their own diverse ecosystems.

I used to love following links and ending up in beautiful, unique gardens.

Now those bridges are gone, and gardening has been outsourced...

Monocultures suck.

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