@Soybean 说起触点, 我又想到插头、插针有没有镉 🤔

@Soybean 看来我应该尽量给 esp32 接 mosfet, 继电器能不用就不用

@Soybean 一般输入用微动真没必要特别处理触点吧

Google: git commit -m "Reduce airplane carbon emission by forty percent."

@jiusan Renewables are developing at an exciting pace, but it'll still take no less than two or three decades to cover most of the electricity demands with help from grid storage

Wait, Telegram is non-free?

Always has been.

@dch Feature phones nowadays don't run as smoothly as they used to. I guess hand-crafted embedded UI is hard to find. Even the built-in functions rely on web technologies. Have to wait two or three seconds to read an SMS. I have a Nokia running KaiOS.

@jalefkowit @jonny making software to recreate the experience of arranging text manually on paper is not the right way to use computers, and LibreOffice Writer is imitating a paper imitator

@EndlessNull older generations use computers to imitate paper instead of learning to actually structure ideas

@kt me: reading eee as a shriek regardless of context

@guenther trademark or trademark not, there's no try (needed).
Trademarking is not hard and has been done by Arch Linux, Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo, ImageMagick, perl, git, svn, among others

@spacekookie attributed Hyperloop ™️ to stupidity, a complete lack of engineering literacy. Should have attributed it to malice

@lukas @deshipu I think the atmosphere may be like a solution, where heavier molecules don't sink, just like salt dissolved in water remain evenly distributed

@vincentj I'm pondering the meaning of "Innovation" on the top left corner of the title 🤔

@StayGrounded_net I don't know the time span involved here. Per week, per month? I find it hard to guess, because statistics can be surprising 😵

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