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@aral trying to come up with a good micro topic to use for a site.js based spot. Just for the heck of it even if I have written out .html files before :D

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Unless your company is emailing me to tell me how you’re paying your employees and contractors during this time, I do not care for your coronavirus marketing email one bit.

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Zoom had better have some damn good infrastructure :thonking:

Sometimes, I just really hate social algorithms

@aral @laura have either of you checked out the book "Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy " ? I've found it pretty interesting.

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Folks, you know those things you share with me privately about the shit that’s going on in the industry and in the orgs that are supposed to be fighting for our rights… can you please start sharing them publicly too? I appreciate the info but we need more than me speaking out.

Thanks for the clarification. I definitely agree in regards to that sector of this market type. I know I'm lucky to be at an agency that has continued to help me lead sustainable life and doesn't expect things like 60hr workweeks etc. They do care about employees

@aral Legit question, are you more against people acting in the capitalistic system, or do you assume anyone acting in it is inherently bad? Isn't there room for businesses to legitimately be doing good? Perhaps the largest bad actors just get all the press and spoil the milk completely?

@manton Only thing I use spotify podcasts for is number boosting. I don't consume through their platform.

Kind of loving that Lenovo built in a webcam cover that I can slide in to place

@tchambers Curious what could act as an emoji for accessibility.


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