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How about starting with a clearly written explanation of what the #indieweb actually is, aimed at people not already in the know? I've tried to research it a few times and despite running my own servers etc, I've always come away confused. Is it specific software? Is it anyone self hosting? Is it the person who rents a vps with WordPress on it? Is there anywhere you can link to with an explanation?

@Blort @urlfreezer is the front page at not helpful?
It is anyone with their own site, and a community trying to support them and make them interoperate better.

I've been pointed there many times, but to be honest, no, it's not particularly helpful as someone reading it who doesn't already know what the indieweb is. It's full of super vague explanations, eg "The IndieWeb is a people-focused (how? And what specifically does that even mean?) alternative (in what way?) to the "corporate web" (what it isn't... but not what it is... and even what it isn't, isn't particularly clearly defined 🤔)."

"It is anyone with their own site, and a community trying to support them and make them interoperate better."

This is actually clearer and more useful than anything I saw on the site, even if "support" is still a bit vague. Is the support financial? Design assistance? UX? Code? Picnics on second Thursdays of the month? Promotional? Cat sitting?

I've also heard mention of projects such as #IndyAuth. Are these defining necessities of an "indyweb site" or unrelated?

@Blort @urlfreezer
the support is conversation, code, ux, picnics every other wednesday and weekend gathering spaced out a bit more. There is some financial support for attending these, though they are all online at the moment.
indieauth is optional, as are the other building blocks like microformats, webmention and micropub but they combine into adding useful features that interoperate with other sites and tools

So it sounds like if I boil it down... that the #indyweb concept basically comes down to trying to increase interoperability between #selfhosted sites. Have I got that right?

@Blort @urlfreezer broadly, though the protocols can be used between any sites - mastodon has microformats; will host a site for you and so on.

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