Is it just me or do most compilations have the most basic anime cover images and then contain the most unlistenable music ever imagined?

Why don't people do more things outside? Like just the regular things people do inside, like eating meals/snacks, watching TV on a mobile, wireless device... In the warm months, at least

Just got introduced to my first job in sound at my local church :D it went so well!

Wendy's over McDonald's ANY day. This shit got me creaming

Just got my PC to work after months of it not hooking up to a monitor 😭 I'm adding my 3rd display now, haha take that

hi everyone :3 still getting the hang of mastodon but I'm starting to feel like I'm gonna thrive here! I'm a 14 year old who's given up "regular" data-mining social media networks for an authentic internet experience. I'm excited to join the fediverse, whatever that is lol. I have lots to learn


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