...and the Doodled Dragons rug pull the month before that.

Some may remember, "our charity will instead now be... my bank account. cya nerds."


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According to CryptoBriefing, Stablegains may hold customer funds until they agree to not take legal action against the company.

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Leaders of this project have just announced that they have put this project "on hold indefinitely" due to "unforeseen circumstances" that were almost certainly foreseeable.

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Lonely Ape Dating Club launches to help Bored Ape NFT collectors find love, or maybe pay for it

February 14, 2022

🐦🔗: twitter.com/web3isgreat/status

The project Twitter account seems to specialize in reassuring men that feminism won't inconvenience them in any way.

"Equality includes BOTH genders!"
"Equal rights are not special rights"

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They have a Medium, where they appear to be using one of those automated services that "rewrites" other articles by replacing words with synonyms.

First post is from their medium, the second is the apparent original—from Time Magazine/Nextadvisor

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The whitepaper lists "the systematic disadvantages of women":
1. Inequality in wages due to gender difference
2. Women suffering from pick-up artists (“PUA”) and domestic violence
3. Widespread sexual assaults and violence
4. Women’s human rights and freedom

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The project's "roadmap" is a masterclass in using many words to say nothing at all. One of the steps includes the to-do item "Technological breakthrough".

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There is a lot of text on the project website and in their whitepaper about creating a "feminist metaverse", but no detail on what they actually plan to do.

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Total profit would be around $380,000, though with the NFTs frozen on OpenSea, reselling the three remaining NFTs becomes marginally more difficult.

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