@web3isgreat oh my god my partner was talking to me about this shit this morning, what the actual hell


Wha... this is not a parody?

As in... this is real?

Wha...? 🤪

LB: esse é absolutamente o melhor perfil pra você saber pra de informar sobre crypto

@web3isgreat Reinventing physical currency, but making it worse lol.

@web3isgreat dont understand the benefit to using it over just directly using crypto, or using traditional cash right now, maybe im too tired to thinC. ;o

@web3isgreat It seems that in order to avoid the foreseeable problem of people printing the same bitcoin twice, this one trusted private organisation is solely in charge of printing watermarked, counterfeit-resistant money... Does this sound a bit... federal reserve-ey?

@web3isgreat The expiration date is maybe possibly not a completely terrible idea:

Of course it also does not require a blockchain.

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