@web3isgreat As long as she continues her policy of only ripping off the absurdly wealthy, I am 100% OK with this

@jalefkowit @web3isgreat yeah no she's absolutely based for this, you gotta capitalize on these kinds of opportunities

@web3isgreat "Since I was imprisoned for scamming people I shall now begin scamming people".

@web3isgreat one small step for man, one giant leap for all mankind



The outcome of this is so blatantly predictable, you wonder what would happen if someone started a "This is a scam NFT" series where each NFT would just be a message saying "This is a scam" and "You will lose your money" and "Don't buy this for F's sake!".

Would people start buying into this thinking it's some kind of hyperironic modern art?


@rysiek @web3isgreat

I think you're right.

No wonder the "face-eating leopard" parties are doing so well. 😬 😔


@FediThing @rysiek @web3isgreat

But the leopards actually show up, and while they aren't eating your face, they are decent chaps that ward of the existential loneliness.

Because all your friends, who for some unconnected reason have had their faces eaten, can't come to the pub any more.

#FriendshipIsMagic #LonelinessIsToxic


Even better example: There has been two "Ponzicoin" that had people putting in money into, and then somehow these were scams. Who could have foreseen?
@FediThing @web3isgreat

re: NFTs 

@rysiek The only difference is that people knew Dogecoin was a joke from the very beginning
@FediThing @web3isgreat


@FediThing @web3isgreat a few years ago, people bought a thing called PonziCoin (that was literally its name)

@web3isgreat Moving away from the scammer persona to fully focus on the scammer persona

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