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Solend has now opened a new proposal, to nullify the previous proposal which would allow them to take over control of a user's wallet.

If you ask me, they should've just messaged the person with 1 million governance votes and asked them what they want to do. twitter.com/web3isgreat/status

🐦🔗: twitter.com/web3isgreat/status

Solend has now introduced their third proposal, which would gradually reduce the maximum amount an account can borrow to $50M. If I'm understanding correctly this would slowly liquidate the whale's position regardless of whether the liquidation price of their position is met.


They openly acknowledge that this could be trivially circumvented by creating multiple wallets, but they don't seem to care. Their goal here is to change the rules specifically to more gracefully liquidate the whale, without saying so explicitly.

Let's hope they crash and burn, like all crypto should.

@fedithom @web3isgreat but how am I suppose to retire without contributing anything meaningful to society?

If you contribute to the downfall of the cancerous growth know as NFT, that would be highly meaningful :)

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