One of the influencers claimed they had personal connections with Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and John F. Kennedy, Jr. (who died in 1999, despite some QAnon theories).


Another stated that aliens wanted people to trade cryptocurrency "as an on-ramp to familiarize ourselves with the quantum financial system until we can evolve into 5D and trade assets with our consciousness".

@web3isgreat Gods, people are still shilling the "5d aliens will save us!" stuff?

That was being tossed around in the mid-90s.

@erosdiscordia @web3isgreat far from saving anybody, i think i just sank a tiny imperceptible bit further down into hell reading that

@web3isgreat FINALLY something REASONABLE that's come out of this ... oh wait ... sorry thought you said "These people are f'ing insane" ... disregard.

@web3isgreat look, let’s be honest, it’s not the MOST implausible claim about crypto you’ve ever heard

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