The Twitter account is being used to promote a scam version of "The Possessed" NFTs. The website has a fake counter to try to get people to hastily connect their wallets.

Meanwhile, over at YouTube, the British Army's account has been rebranded to resemble ARK Invest and used to play those fake "double-your-money" Bitcoin/Ether scams with the Elon Musk/Jack Dorsey videos.

If these sound familiar it's because they're pulling the exact same scams they have in the past.

boost w/ CW: crypto nonsense, British Army accounts hacked 



@web3isgreat inb4 someone makes an NFT on their nuclear secrets

(you don't have to actually have to make an NFT on)


(but honestly heck just the idea they *might* have them might make people pay them- and then each other-! for the NFT and then bam! economic value! capitalism! XD )

[*..then a humbler person just makes an NFT on "this whole experience as an abstract concept :> ..yours now for only ~~$~~£19.95"*]

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